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Miami to SFO by Frank

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Miami to SFO by Frank

I am on a solo trip from Miami to SFo.
I am now in Panama city on my last days in Floida. My hosts in Florida have been great and I want them to be able to follow me further. I will try to post regarly my experiences.
With love from Belgium

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Following Frank's Travels

Wonderful idea about a blog ... will look forward to following your adventures from Florida to the West! Be safe.

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March 20 Panama City to Fort Walton beach 64 miles

Due to the new timezone I woke up early. My hosts had to leave early so i was on my way ariund 8 o'clock. I followed mostly the scenic coast road. The weather was nice, sunny, not to warm and a moderate head/side wind. The first part on 30a was along large hotels and I saw springbreakers crawling out of their holes. The road didn't have a shoulder to ride on. I've got back on 98 but jumped again on the coastal road. This was completely different. A seperate bike lane with a lot of people cycling jogging walking. The last stretch was acain on 98 with a lot of traffic. Arriving at the bridge of fort Walton I crossed the bridge on foot as there was no shoulder and only a small side walk. I hoped to find a campground but none accepted tents, only RVs
So i had to check in a hotel ( expensive)

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21 march Fort Walton Beach Foley(Alabama) 70 miles

I heade on hwy 98 with a nice tailwind. When I stopped to eat someone gave me a Gideon Bible and suggested to pray together. I thanked him but didn't feel like kneeling down on the parkinglot of a KFC.
I passew the bridge and the town pensacola quite easy and continued on the 98 to Alabama. It became a 2 lane road with no shiulder. Then to get to my WS host I had to take hwy 59. This was no fun, 4 lanes, heavy traffic and much traffic. I did the last stretch even on foot.
My host is generous and wiildrive me to the ferry to Dauphin Island tomrrow, so I don't have to ride hwy 59.
Thanks Justin

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22 mar Foley Dauphin Island 25 miles

Justin, mu host brought after breakfast. Walk with the dogs by car past hwy 59. This is a very dangerous 4 lane hwy without shoulder. I end up on a nice winding road to the ferry of Dauphin Island. I meet some very friendly people on the boat. I go to the campground. But fully booked due to springbreak. I call the WS on the island. Not at home. I circle around to see if I can put up my tent in a park or so. Then I meet again the couple of the boat. They have a spot on the. Campground and they smuggle me in and i will put up my tent after dark. They are invited to have dinner with friends on the campground. These friends offer me to share the dinner. Another experience of the generosity of Americans.

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23 march Dauphin Isla d Grand Bay 30 miles

Another short ride to my next WS hosts. I follow a country road (small shoulder or even no shoulder) there isn't much traffic but some headwind. My hosts are a young family with 3 children. There is another guest/musician. He gives us a concert . Again a nice evening.

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March 24 Grand Bay Gulfport 55 miles

I toon off quite early on a country riad. I left Alabama and entered Mississippi. I was on hwy 90, mostly with shoulder. I met a man at a small tankstation. He is on his way from Houston to Tampa on a scooter. He felt cold and asked to grab a beer with him at 10 am. I gently refused.
I stopped in Beloxi to see the old mainstreet ( home of the delta blues, now a long street with old houses - all the bars are gone. I find the memorial for the victims of Katarina. The monument is smaller than the entrances of the casinos. Money is more important than lives of poor people it serms.
My host prepare a huge meal with fish, rice and lots of vegetables.
Another fine day in America. Allthough it was mainly cloudy and a bit chilly.

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25 march

I had a smooth ride to New Orleans, some headwind, but I managed. I stopped several times to see the impact on houses and nature by Katrina.
My host had to work late so I was a liitle bit cold when he arrived. There was another guest and still 3 to come the next day, so I put up my tent.

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26 march New Orleans

I started in the morning to go downtown by bus. I hooped on the streetcars, buses and walked a lot. I went to Treme, the quater and Garden District. In the evening i went to Frenchmen street to enjoy music. Then I decided to walk home as it was not so far. Wrong decision! I got a bit lost and searched on my phone by google maps the way. A bunch of yiungsters attacked me and wanted my phone. They hit me on the head and back but I got away. I reached a main street and I could enter a hiuse. The lady drove me home.
I was very upset and couldn't sleep all night.

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March 27 New Orlans

I didn't sleep well. I woke up every couple of hours as the film of the attempt of mobbing went through my mind. I guess yiu can cl it a post trauma. I relaxed all day. Cleaned my bike, looked at the itenarary for the next days and cooked goulash for my host and the guests.
Tomorrow i'll hit the road again along the Mississippi River and catch up to Baton Rouge in 2 days.

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March 27 New Orlans

I didn't sleep well. I woke up every couple of hours as the film of the attempt of mobbing went through my mind. I guess yiu can cl it a post trauma. I relaxed all day. Cleaned my bike, looked at the itenarary for the next days and cooked goulash for my host and the guests.
Tomorrow i'll hit the road again along the Mississippi River and catch up to Baton Rouge in 2 days.

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March 30

I left New Orleans on Friday and passew the street where the boys attacked me. If I look back during daylight it seems a quiet neighborhood and the whole situation couldn't have lasted more than 10 minutes. But in my head it took ages.
I leave New Orleans on a very busy road with no shoulder ( airway hwy) and a real inferno starts. Thunders. Lightnings and heavy rainfall. It takes almost an hiur to get away from the highway to river road over flooded streets and a mudroad.
Ong the Mississippi is a bikelane on the levee. Rain is still pouring down and the bikelane stops.
I get very cold and search for a place to sleep. Camping is out of the question and the first hotel is on the other side. I stop at a school and they call the police to ask them to get me over the bridge by car as bikes are not allowed on the bridge. A policecar comes over and he calls a colleague who is a warmshower. He comes over but when he turns to the parkinglot a car hits him, tumbling cars. I caused indirectly an accident. Adam ( the warmshower) gets out of the car, slaps me on the shoulder and says not to worry and that I will have a dry and warm bed tonight. Indeed a friend passes by, we put the bike on the pickup and he drives me to his house.
Nice ending of the wet day.
The next day I join my host to Oak Alley plantation. He runs a 5 k race and I visit the house.
Afterwards he drives me back to River Road and I continue to Baton Rouge. The River Road is not scenic at all, lots of industry plants. I suffer a fierce headwind but it is not that far.
I stay at a warmshower and I decide to stay 2 nights and then continue my ride to Texas.

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March 31

I stayed one more day in Baton Rouge with my wonderful host. We had a wonderful view from the government tower. My host was a great cook and there was an extra guest.
On Monday I had an easy ride on hwy 61, crossed the Mississippi some 20 miles from Baton Rouge and rode through rural Louisiana with mostly a nice tailwind to Simersport where I stay in a hotel as the WS here stopped and no campgrounds in the area.

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April 1st Simmesport Kisatchie National Forest

I had a moth ride to Alexandria, where I had to buy a new sim card. So I have a new number with at&t because they have a better coverage. The ride through the national forest was great, winding road, blossoming trees.
I ended on a dustroad to a campground when I met a couple with a pick-up and a trailer. They said the campground was very basic. Took my bike in the trailer a d drove me to another campgrou d at the lane whowas awesome. They even paid my stay and brought me extra food, maps and beer. Great people. Y neighbor on the. Ampground invited me for dinner. So once again I enjoyed the generosity of people. What a fantastic feeling that there are a lot of friendly peoplein America

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April 2

I had a short ride of 45 miles on hwy 28 to Leesville. Headwind and the legs weren't any good. I am staying in a motel as no campgrouns within reach and it also rains a little bit.
Tomrrow I start in state #5. Texas. I haven't eaten steak yet, so after all the fried chicken, I wiil have a new option. My mission in trying out all the fatfood chains is a tough task. Where are the Hooters? If the food ain't tasty, the view will perhaps help to swallow the food (?) away

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April 3 Leesville to M Dries Jr National Forest

I had a long day riding ( 77 miles) and entered Texas. The road was very nice but with rolling hills. But I had no trouble in keeping up the rhythm. The Dries Nat Forest is very nice but when I arrived it started to rain and people warned me that there was a thunder alert. On the campground they had no cabins but there was a shelter hut; wooden house, concrete floor and open windows. This seemed nevertheless safer than putting up the tent.
And indeed at 4 in the night there was a thunder and lightning passing over the campground with plenty of rain. I was safe but didn't sleep well and only very short

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April 4 to Livingston

The morning offered a bright blue sky and the temperature got very high. As I hadn't slept a lot I struggled with the rolling hills. I stopped in Livingston. It has a bit a special meaning for me. I was born in Stanleyville ( Congo) and that city was named after Stanley. Stanley had received a mission from our Belgian king to find Livingston. He found Livingston in the jungle near Stanleyville. And his words when he met Livingston were very British. 'Mr Livingston. i presume'

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April 5/6

I am riding with Lady Luck. I rode a small ride over farm roads to Montgomery. I was welcomed by Cindy and her son at the bikeshop. I vad a shower, pizza and they repaired my breaks. I slept in my tent in the backyard but as it was Saturday they went home and I was alone on the compound. It was very save and I slept till 8 o'clock. I went on the road again but it started to rain with thunder and lightning. I pulled over to find my rain jacket but a man stopped and brought me to the next village to shelter. I remarked there that 2 screws were missing on my rear bagage holder and I was stuck. I called the son and he came over, put my bike in his pickup, drove home, repaired the bike a nd drove me to Hearne, some 40 miles further. They were the real Angels from Montgomery (song of John Prine and performed by Bonnie Raitt)
You, Americans are great!

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April 7/8 waco Gatesville

I had a smooth ride yesrerday on farm/market riads to Waco. My host offered me my first steak in the US and it had to be in Texas of course. I had seen all day cows and my senses were eager to taste steak. I slept in my tent. Today started with a fierce accelaration as a dog came after me. Texas seems indeed an open playground for loose dogs. The head/side wind was very hard and I struggled my way to Gatesville. I tried to camp on an RV camp but the pipeliners didn't trust me and sent me away. So I am staying in ( a too expensive) hotel and I hope the forecast is correct that I will have a tailwind

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April 9/10 Gatesville Comanche Abilene

I left Gatesville and the kandscape changes. Dryer, first cactuses but the wind came rather favorable. 12 miles before Comanche I had a talk with a man and he arranged that I could stay for free in the city park, but as a compensation I had to give an interview to the local weekly newspaper. I made a lot of publicity but the old lady who interviewed me was rather confusing in her notes. She promised me to send the article ( with a picture - a bit hilarious as the camera dudn't work and she had to come back to the campground to take the picture). I even got a cap from the fire marshall. In the evening the first man came back and offered me breakfast the next morning. At 3.30 at night the police woke me up to check if I had permission to camp(which paper I luckily had). At 6.00 Kenny came to pick me up for breakfast to a remote place full of republican rednecks. I enjoyed every moment as there wasca lively discussion with 1 democrat.
Than I finally left fir Abilene (some 80 miles) the wind came from the left and changed to headwind. It was hard and also since yesterday temperature is raising to 90 fahrenheit. I stopped halfway ( last town before Abilene) whether to decide to go on or stop. A man came along and we started talking. He wanted to show me his ranch that has an old ranger house. I was interested but what about Abilene?
No problem he said I will drop you off. We visited the ranch with a powerful golfcart. I had to wear boots to protect me from rattlesnakes and he took a revolver and a Winchester with him.
I was impressed. Afterwards he drove to Abilene but first offered me dinner( one of the best steaks I ever eaten - at Petini, seems to be a famius chef)
How nice can meople be?

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April 11 14 Abilene Snyder Lubbock Littlefield

I am an intense user of hwy 84. From abilene to Snyder i had a rather easy ride. But to be in time for my WS in Lubbock I had to cover a long distance. I was lucky that I got a ride when I was a bit over halfway. So i could spend 2 nights with my very friendly and generius hosts in Lubbock. I went to an art exhibition and to the museum of Buddy Holly ( I didn't know he was born in Lubbock)
The ride to Littlefield was very hard. I only had to ride 40 miles but the nothern wind hit me in the face at an average speed of 30-35 mph. Tomorow the wind should be in my favor. Let's hope

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April 15/17

I made it to New Mexico. The scenary is becoming more and more impressive. With the help of my host in Clovis I finally could play the song Willin' by Little Feat when I entered Tucumcari. I sang loud along when i rode down the hill into the town. There is not much left in the town from the times the old route 66 passed here.
The next day I planned a short ride to Conchas to camp near the lake. I felt overwhelmed by the landscape, took it slowly, sat down to look around and enjoyed my ride. When I arrived at the lake, there was nothing. The very basic campground was closed and the whole area was deserted. I had no other option than to continue to Las Vegas although I knew the distance was too long (77 miles) to cope that day and that there were no stops possible.
The riding went well but I was worried where I would end in the evening. When I was taken a break a small lorry passed and stopped. He took me all the way to Las Vegas. I am riding again with Lady Luck. Perhaps I can use my bike as a way to get an easy lift. I will take a break to visit Las vegas, go to the hot springs and just enjoy a day of wandering around.

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18/23 aprl Las Vegas Pecos Santa fe Los Alomos Bandelier

I took a day off in Las vegas, no gambling in this town. I went to the old town, had a haircut and a shave by an old Mexican barber and went to the hotsprings. I stayed in a cheap but clean motel kept open by a family from India.
The next day i went to Pecos and as the weather was changing into very windy and rainy I searched a save shelter and found that in a monastry. It was not for free, I had to pay but they gave also dinner and breakfast. I even observed the Easter service. Maybe a light wiil shine on me.
The next day I visited the National Historical Park. I was the first visitor and the site and views were breathtaking. Afterwords I went to the battlefield of the civil war in Glorietta. There wasn't much to see but I had a pleasant walk. The place was next to the highway and instead of riding 5 miles around I slipped over the barb wire and head for Santa Fe. My WS hosts were very friendly and helpful. We redirected my trip. I will be heading to Colorado and will visit Mesa Verde and then continue to Utah to start my Grand Circle ( Arches, Bryce, Zion, Grand canyon)
The next day I went to the old town. As it was Monday museums were closed. But the museum of Georgina O' Cleef and the Native museum were open. I was impressed by both. I hope I can visit her house in Abuqui but there is little change to get in. I spent a very pleasant evening with my hosts.
On tuesday I head for Los Alomos. In fact I did it the pussy way. I had a downhill ride to Pojoaque and took a free bus up the hill to Los Alamos. My host came to the busstop and we climbed to the house. He suggested a motorcycle ride to the Caldera, the 1 million year old crater. What a great ride with fantastic views.
The next day i rode in light version to Bandelier. I was overwhelmed by the elements of nature. The years have changed into history here. When I got back home the hosts surprised me with the offer to stay one more day. We had again a great dinner together. I wiil accept the gentle offer and rest one more day. And I wiil try to prepare a Belgianmeal that meet their standards.

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Aprl 24/29

I first had another day of rest at my hoss in Los Alamos. I prepared dinner and tried to meet up with their standards by preparing some European dish, called vol au vent ( chicken in white sauce and mushrooms)
The next I flew down the hill to Ojo Caliente. The campground was very poor but I enjoyed of relaxation at the hot springs. I was planning to spend 2 days but I lext for Abiquiu following a very nice road. But the wind started blowing very brutal. I reached A iquiu and stayed in a. Ery nicehotel. The next day the weather and wind were very harsh. I even had to walk up a hill for a mile because it was too dangerous. When I. Stopped to drink and eat my bike was blow down and my handle bar pannier broke down. A lady took me by car to Ghost Ranch. What a awesome place, this former place of Georgia O'Neeffe. I hiked a bit a d was overwhelmed by the splendor of nature. The next day I triedto reachChama so that I could continue to Pagosa and Durango in Colorado. The day started well but soon the wind hit me in the face and I wa freezing cold. A car stopped by and the lady was on her way to Durango. I gladly accepted to ride allng with her and stowed the bike in her car. What an easy ride and we passed the mighty Chimney Rock. In Durango I went to a bike shop to fix the bike. My assette, chain have to be replaced. So I will stay a couple if days at my host, take a ride on the steam train and make dinner for my host ( Belgian stewwith pork) befoer I leave for Mesa Verde.
I have an article in the Comanche Gazete ( Texas)

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Article newspaper
I made a lot of publicity for washowers but she didn't mention it. Too bad.

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April 30/May 5

In Durango I also made the train ride into the mountains. It was rather expensive but worth it.
The ride to Mesa Verde went smooth. I camped 2 nights in the park. Allthough it was freezing cold at night( I have to buy a new sleeping bag) I enjoyed the site a lot.
From mesa verde I went to Dolores and stayed at a great WS. The next day I headed for Monticello. I am in Utah. The ride to Utah started well but in the afternoon the wind hit me again in the face. I crawled to my WS in monticello.
Today I had a great ride ( a lot of downhill and TAILwind) from Monticello to Moab. The landscapes afe fantastic.
I am staying at a WS for 3 nights. Tomorrow I will buy new gear and prepare the coming days. The day after I will visit Arches.

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May 6 - 11 Moab green River Gobling Capitol Reef

On May 6 I rode into Moab to find new gear. I finally found pnly an extra kind of sleeping bag. The next day I visited by bike ( but without gear) Arches. I spent the whole day in the breathtaking scenery. What an unique experience. From MoAb I went to Green River, the first part out of Moab was on a bike trail that followed the old highway. Then on the new highway there was only a very small shoulder, so I had to ride on the road and trucks sometimes passed very close. Then I had to ride the interstate but I went off to take the old highway. And by old this means old; carved road with holes and sometimes just dust. When i rode over the bridge of Green River, I heard on my ipod the song gGreen River by CCR. Coincidence?
I was camping on the state camping and my neighbor was a 70 year old man from Iowa who adores Utah. He comes here every year. The next morning he proposed to join him on a quad trip and he would drop me off in Goblin Valley. I accepted and we had a nice ride in nowhere land. Goblin Valley is very nice. In the evening I met a couple Canadians riding more or less the same itinerary.
Then i headed for Capitol Reef. It started to rain so I stopped at a motel in Caineville. The plan this morning was to ride to Capitol Reef and camp in the park. It was raining, but it became snow water and even snow. I was shaking on my bike. I had to stop. 2 young mormons stopped and brought me to their car to warm up. We couldn't get the bike in the car, so we went to Torrey, took another car, went back and picked ip the bike. So now I am warming up in a motel ( the man from Iowa is here too) and I hope the snow will melt tomorrow so I can continue direction Bryce and Kodachrome.

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Snow? In May? Yikes!

Hey, Frank,

It's good to read your enjoyment of Arches National Park. In planning my trip I wondered about the roads in that area. Now, in part, I know.

The snow in May seems a bit extreme. Glad to read that you found shelter and assistance.


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May 12-15

I stayed 2 nights in a mitel in Torrey. The next day it didn't snow anymore and I visited Capitol Reef, again an amasing park- from the green valley where the Mormons settled to the mighty Cassidy Arch.
The next day i had to climb over Boulder Mountain, there was till snow along the road and the climb was mighty steep. A pick-up passed, saw me struggling and returned when they realised I was oy halfway. They picked me up and drove all the way to Escalante along the very nice scenic road 12. I stayed at the State park campground and hiked the trail of perified wood. Impressive.
The next day I planned to go to Kodachrome but when I arrived at the visitor center they told me the campground was fully booked. So I decided to go directly to Bryce. I had to climb 10 miles to get there. Huge effort.
In Bryce are a lot of tourists and tourist facilities. Everything is more expensive. But my hike today was awesome. What a scenery! Everything seems bigger and more impressive. My knees hurt of going dowm the amphitheater but I am so overwhelmed that I don't mind.
Tomorrow I start to head for Zion.

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May 16/21 Bryce- Zion- Coral Pink Sand Dunes - Grand Canyon

I left Bryce, first climbing on the plateau with some side wind and then a long glide down along Red Canyon. Then I headed for Mt Carmel, first a long climb against the wind then a long downhill. I stopped at a motel to be strong enough to get to Zion. It was a long but rather easy climb to the east entrance of Zion. Then I had a downhill. I had to stop at the tunnel to get a ride as bikes are not allowed in the tunnel. Unfortunately all campgrounds were fully booked so I had to take a hotel again. The next day I visited the park. There is a shuttle bus that drops you at several hiking trails. I did several and looked for a remote place to enjoy the view withiut hundreds of other tiurists. I found one and let the splendor overwhelm me.
I left Zion for the sate park Coral pink sand dunes. A marvelous quiet place with an excellent campground. The sunset was very nice. Then I rode the next day to Jacob Lake. In Kanab I messed up the traffic at road works. I passed with the cars, a man made gestures but I thought he was encouraging me but it seemed I was not allowed to ride there. A service car stopped me and I had to wait for a pickup. While I was waiting my bike fell ( heavy wind) and my handle bar bag broke off again. I fixed it with super glue and continued. I had strong side and head wind and I really struggled. Jacob Lake is not a village just a cross raod with a gas station a hotel and campground. I shared a camp site wuthe another tiur biker from San Diego. The night was freezeing cold and I didn't sleep well. This morning I decided to hitch hike up and down to the north rim and stay another night in Jacob Lake. Allthough a lot of cars passed nobody stopped. Then an Australian young man took me afger 2 hours. He was going to the north rim and then the south rim. I asked to take the whole ride and he agreed. This way I avoided a long ride through Navajo country with long stretches with no drinking or camping posts. I was lucky again because that highway has no shoulder is very hilly and with strong headwinds. The problem as again fully booked campgrounds. I stay in a very expensive hotel outside the park. Tomorrow 2 days on the south rim and then go down to Flagstaff to get the train to LA.

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May 21 - 29 Grand Canyon Flagstaff

So I spent 2 nights at the south rim. Although there are a lot of tourists it was a wonderful place. The first day I wandered around on bike, stopping from time to time to admire the mighty canyon. The second day I took the shuttle bus to the last stop and hiked down in the canyon where I could be away from the crowd and let the impressive nature overwhelm me.
Then I headed south to Williams. It was memorial day for the south ( you know they still honor their first and last president of the south) and I found a campsite. It was very expensive and for the first time I got upset about American people. They were not friendly and as I was tired I showed my angry feelings.
But it was only for 1 night so I got over it rather quickly.
Then I headed for Flagstaff where , thanks to Martha and Tom from Gainesville, I was welcomed by an extremely friendly and generous couple. Emily and Nate hosted me ( without being WS) in their house. I needed this because the last month had been physically very hard. So I am staying here a couple of nights, booked my ticket by train to LA and rested a lot. Tomorrow I will box my bike ( mandatory on this Amtrak train) and will take the night train to LA. Nevada and the desert would have been too difficult for me. So I have then some 20 days to long the coast by hwy 1 and then I will be able to hold my arms around my wife on June 23. We will then visit California ( by car) for 2 weeks before returning on July 8 to Belgium.

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May 30-June 2

I took a couple of days of complete rest. My body really needed it. Then I finally took the night train. I reserved a seat and couldn't sleep well allthough the seat was comfortable. Perhaps I was to excited. At 5 o'click in the morning we passes Aan Bardino so I could play the Feank Zappa song and see the sun come up.
In LA I took a taxi to my WS. We put the bike together. Only 2 things were broken, my headlight and I list a small item of my steering pin. But I was able to repair it.
I visited Hollywood blv on foot and took the bike to Mulholland Drive ( memories of the film)
The next day I passed Beverley Hills Hotel ( the Eagles) and Bel Aur om my way to the Getty Museum. What a wonderful place. High above the smog of the city art is shown in marvelous buildings. A great experience. Then I tried to follow hwy 1 but that's not so easy. It quickly becomes freeway 101 and I had to ride on it as there was no alternative. Not really pleasant. I camped 2 days before I could get to a WS.
But I made a mistake, I was a day too early. As I couldn't contact them I had to take a day rest.

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June 3-11

As my wife only arrives in SFO on June 23 I have to slow down in order not to be too early in SFO. I long the coast on hwy 1 although I had to take sometimes freeway 101, not very interesting.
The road is tolling, spmetimes even very hilly and the wind is mostly headwind. I see a lot of tour bikers but they all head from morth to south. The first part from LA to Santa Barbara was not very interesting. Too much tourism. But the views changed and I lingered around the cliffs and bays. I saw elephant seals near San Simeon and seals in Monterey. Big sur had a nuce campground in the middle of the redwoods, i stayed at a couple of very nice WS. The weather is mostly clouded in the morning and bright in the afternoon. The north west wind always gives you a fresh breeze.
I think to get in SFO by June 17 so I can finally do my wherldip in the Pacific.

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June 12 - 16

I move on slowly along the coast. The wind is stiil holding me back and it is quite hilly. I find some nice campsites and some nice WS hosts. I am now on some 30 miles from SFO, but is cold and I have a problem. I sent to moee than 20 WS a request but or I receive no answer or they can't hist me. As I need to stay in SFO for almost a whole week thus will become an expensive end of the trip.

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June 18

I did it. I am in SFO. I am staying at a WS and she is a lovely lady. I can stay here with my wife, leave my bike while we are touring, gives me lots of ingormation on the city. It is great.
I did my wheeldip in Half Moon Bay, crossed the Golden Gate and completed some 3800 miles. I was pretty emotional when I reached SFO. Tears of joy and also relief. I wouldn't have made it without the generous help of the Americans in general and the WS in particular. Thank you all for all the support. I hope to meet again.

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