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Email notifications for request

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Email notifications for request

Hello everybody!
New on the website, I didn't plan to use it a lot as I wasn't a cyclist so much but it turned out that we are trying :)
So I discovered today that someone sent me a request a month ago but never received any email notifications...
What a shame! I looked on the website but it seems I'm blind because I didn't find any feature about notifications.
Is it a bug, like it should be automatic? Do I have to feature something? Or maybe, there is no email notification and in that case may I suggest to create that?

Thank you for your help and anyway, amazing website :)

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All messages result in a notification email

Every single message on the site results in a notification email. I have sent you a test message - please reply when you get it. You may find it in spam; if you do, mark it as "not spam" and that you always want to receive messages from

(I just checked and the notification message was delivered to Yahoo a few minutes ago.)

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Hi ! I have the same probelm

Hi !
I have the same probelm than you Klo and Hamlet, but I checked : it's not in my Spams ! I add the ws email in my contact list... Could it be possible to send me a test mail also ?

Thanks !

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Wanadoo members have to search their mail

Hi Julie - and members have been having a lot of trouble. You have to search all your email for messages from and then mark as not spam. We don't know what they've done with this, but each individual member seems to be able to solve it.

The test message I sent to you has been successfully delivered to, as were the other message notification messages you got... Now to find them :-)

-Randy Webmaster

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Hi the same happened to me, I

Hi the same happened to me, I also happen to have wanadoo/orange as Internet provider, and getting the registration confirmation was already an ordeal... ;)

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Notifications dont arrive

I dont get any notifications. I use too and havent changed my email-adress. The mail are not in my spamfolder.
Yesterday I missed a guest that was looking for a place to stay in the most dreadfull weather.
I feel badly about this and would appriciate any help to get the notification going again.
I use my pc and not a mobile app.


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Notification emails for every message

Notification emails are sent for every message. I checked your account and your email provider accepted notification emails related to those messages on April 29 and May 6. I'll contact you by PM for followup.

-Randy Fay Webmaster

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