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USA West Coast

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USA West Coast

Hi guys !

We're a couple biking from Vancouver to San Diego, starting on July 1st, 2010.

Does anybody know how to "book" a few places where to crash on the way, using WarmShowers ?

Is there such a thing ?

We'll be going down route 101, pretty much aal the way.

Thanks a lot !!


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Re: How to find hospitality along the USA West Coast

Hi Guillaume,

There is a section in the FAQ that discusses how to request hospitality from other warmshowers members. Please look under the "How do you Find and Request Hospitality" question in the "Fundamentals" category.
You will find the FAQ at

If you have any problems or additional questions feel free to send me a message.


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re: USA West Coast trip

Please contact me with your schedule for northern California. I may be able to host you and Veronique.

Happy pedaling

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hey you guys if planning to go an extra mile to baja,there is a LA CASA DEL CICLISTA,so just contatcme if you so.
good trip

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