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Is it OK to contact multiple hosts

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Is it OK to contact multiple hosts

This topic arose in another thread and I would like to pose this question.

When looking for a host in an area is it in order to send the same message to several hosts, in the hope that one replies?

I am sure we all have an opinion on this. I am both a host and a guest.

As a host, I have no problem with a traveller making as many requests as they like. I dont think it is a secret that there is a lack of hosts and a glut of travellers on this site and to me, making multiple requests make sense.

Having said that I also think it is a good idea that the traveller then lets everyone he has sent requests to when he finds a host willing to take him.

As a guest, it makes sense to send out multiple requests. But as soon as you get an acceptance, let the other hosts know. Nobodys plans have changed, extra food has not been bought. Nobody has lost and the problem is solved.

I would be interested to know others opinions.

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I certainly don't have a

I certainly don't have a problem with it, so long as the requests are specific, and not just a scattergun of requests to dozens of hosts saying 'I might be staying something in your area... sometime in June...'. I know some places have a very low response rate, so its more efficient I think to ask several hosts at once.

I shouldn't have to say this of course, but if you get several offers, you should pick one quickly and notify the others you don't need a place. A few times, I've had a request, gave a positive reply and then... silence. I've not known then whether they got an offer they preferred, or if they would just arrive on my doorstep on the day. Thats pretty annoying.

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Why not just wait for their

Why not just wait for their confirmation before giving them your details?
(see three step program):

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I host and am hosted but I do not quite understand what you mean about why not providing the details later. If you mean the traveler's details, the host (or at least me) would not confirm yes without all the details. I have no problem if people send multiple requests so long as they let me know their decision as to where they are staying. If the host, what details other than the specific address and/or phone would a traveler need in advance if you have agreed on a date?

Since I have been burned by no-shows, I require the detail, submitted via the website so I know they are truly WS people. If it is a long time in advance I followup periodically if they do not as I do not want to hold space for someone who is knowing going elsewhere or there plans have changed materially so I am no longer able to host them.

The sad part is this is all basic courtesy, something our country is sorely lacking it seems.


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We really need this in the faq

Did you click the link? You don't give them YOUR details (address) until they confirm on your offer. This idea that a host responding to a request equals confirmed accommodation for that guest just won't die on WS, I don't know how many times it's been explained on the forums, why are hosts causing themselves unnecessary angst? Fair cop if they confirm and don't show - neutral or negative feedback depending subsequent communication is entirely appropriate, but otherwise, why stress?

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Paul, I thought your comments

Paul, I thought your comments was about this original post, not the link. John

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Actually, it was a response

Actually, it was a response to Philip (check the indentation).

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three steps

Paul, thats fair enough, and it should work like that, but I've had the experience of people obviously unsure what they they'd arrive, so they hold the 'confirmation' that they are arriving until maybe just hours before they do arrive. I've had people who I've written to confirming many weeks before that it should be ok for them to stay call me on the morning of the day (when I've long ago assumed they weren't coming). Sometimes its rudeness on their behalf, sometimes there are good reasons for it (such as their original arrangements falling through).

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Ultimately you are the host

Ultimately you are the host so you can make the rules. If last minute arrivals aren't your thing put it in your profile that you require confirmation 24 hours (or whatever) beforehand and mention this in all your responses to requests. Additionally, you can still have a confirmed arrival and then have some flexibility on dates - I don't mind so much if the dates change a bit as long as they still arrive one's preparations have not been in vain.

(that is an awesome quick release toilet paper holder btw)

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Toilet holders

haha, yes Paul, I'm very proud of that, sadly I don't think Park Tools make them any more...

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I don't see any problem with

I don't see any problem with this - standard tactic on any other hospex site. I'm not sure why people keep asking if its OK on Warmshowers, with the declining response rates it's pretty much essential.

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Multiple Requests

I send a minumum of five Warmshowers and five Couchsurfing requests per location, if not more. I plan far in advance and keep everything on an online spreadsheet which is accessible by all my devices. When I receive any type of response they are plugged in and and I answer every contact. This way it is fully organized, documented, and no one is offended or has their feelings hurt. Lack of contact is the ultimate rudeness and should be reported. You should be on your best behavior to people who are willing to open their home to you.

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Is it OK to contact multiple hosts

Heck yes!
Please do this all the time. You don't know how often the host you hope for checks their email; goes on tours themselves; has a personal "situation"; whatever. It increases the possibility that you will get a host in the location you would like.

And yes, it's nice when you get a response & can let those you requested that you now have a spot, and so are "un-requesting" them.

my $0.02 worth,
Gerhardt in Portland, OR

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I think we can stop this

I think we can stop this thread now.

The general idea seems to be that it is ok.


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