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Wanted Panniers + Racks (New Delhi)

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Wanted Panniers + Racks (New Delhi)

Hi Guys,

I am having some trouble finding decent quality panniers (Ortlieb/ Vaude/ Arkel) or racks (OMM/ TUBUS) in Delhi (don't want to buy them online from abroad as they are too expensive when you factor in the shipping and the exorbitant duty)... if any of you guys are touring in India over the next month or so and looking to sell your panniers and/or racks, I would be interested...

Do let me know,



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When do you need them? I'll

When do you need them? I'll be back in India (from Canada) end of July.

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Hi Richard, Thanks for your offer/ its very kind of you to offer to carry stuff all the way from Canada ... Unfortunately I am planning on leaving end june or beginning July... Btw I love your recumbent trike (train) from your comment on the fuji cycle topic... Thought it was awesome. Please do let me know when you'r back in town and would love to check it out when you have have time.