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New Volunteers Needed! (So those of us in charge can go touring!)

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New Volunteers Needed! (So those of us in charge can go touring!)

Volunteer Opportunities ~ Please Read

As Warm Showers grows, so does the need to increase the volunteer task force.

***It is only through the dedicated effort of Warm Showers members that we can sustain a free network of hospitality. ***

Warm Showers is growing. Hundreds of messages are sent daily by cyclists looking for a place to lay their head for the night and take a warm shower. Warm Showers is currently growing a rate over over 100 new members each day. As Warm Showers grows, so does the complexity in volunteer roles and coordination.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Warm Showers is currently looking to fill the entire spectrum of community volunteers:

Director: there are currently 3 empty seats on the Warm Showers Board of Directors. We are looking for members who may have strong backgrounds in non profit organizations/administration, organizational law, volunteer coordination, public relations, and fundraising. Time requirements vary, and Board Meetings are held via Skype/Internet the second Sunday of each month (3pm Eastern Standard Time). We will also be taking applications soon for an Executive Director. Anyone interested in a Director position should submit an application to:

Trust and Safety: Warm Showers is looking for two experienced and passionate volunteers to handle the more difficult issues that our user’s encounter and report to us. These individuals will be tasked with upholding the Warm Showers community standards while ensuring that conflicts and incidents are resolved in a just and fair manner. This position will handle issues ranging from miscommunications and conflicts over reviews to more challenging scenarios such as theft and physical altercations.

Volunteers who apply for this position must have previous experience in areas such as conflict resolution, psychology, social work, community policy, or other similar positions that require the ability to communicate clearly, listen with compassion and solve difficult and unique conflicts. Due to the importance of this work, applying to this position will require a conversation with the existing volunteer.
Help Desk: For some of the technical problems that members experience, we are looking for a couple of volunteers with technical support/website management experience.

Translation: The Warm Showers website currently has translators for 13 languages: Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish. People who would like to translate the website to their language are welcome to contact Cyril Wendl after having read the corresponding section of the Wiki page.

Newsletter: Volunteers are needed to help review newsletter submissions; programmers are needed to help format newsletter and aid in distribution; writers and photographers are needed for photo and article submissions. The newsletter is scheduled at this time to come out quarterly.

Donation Confirmation: Members are needed to generate individualized thank you letters to those who have contributed financially to the organization.

Anyone interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities, please write to

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Hi dear Ken,

Thank you so much Ken for all your effort!

I really appreciate it.

As I contacted you on Facebook, I can help you more and more ;

- I currently work in translation team with Cyril
- I can help you reviewing new members when you're touring Europe
- I contacted Jack Turner, no need on Help Desk at the moment!
- I am waiting for Mark Martin to contact me about board members
- I can also work in Trust and Safety team if needed!
- We can design Warm Showers T-shirt in Iran too!

P.S. : I talked to Cyril through a video call two weeks ago!

Just let me know what I should do exactly

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Northern Iran, Guilan

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