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Racist Host?

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Racist Host?

Hello everybody,
recently I got a pretty disturbing reply to a request. Here's what the user wrote:

"Just red Your profile, so a little additional note: me&my girlfriend are not vegetarians; we often make jokes that is waaayyy politically, sexually and racially incorrect and we have some guys tied up to national/WP movement hanging around. So if You won`t get offended by any of these, that`s Ok."
(As far as I know 'WP' stands for 'white power', which makes sense in the context of 'national movement'.)

In my profile description I wrote, that me and my girlfriend do not tolerate racism and sexism, which obiously gave this guy the reason to write the above message. Of course we declined the offer because we don't want to hang out with people associated to a group which represents the absurd theory of 'white supremacy'.

Now I'm completely clueless how to further handle this. In the description to negative feedback it says something along the lines, that the 'morale of the host is not of importance'.
I think it's totally contradicting being 'tied up to national/WP movement' and at the same time being part of a community/platform which stands for (international) hospitality.

So what's your opinion on that?
Any ideas how to handle the situation?
Should I denounce the user in a negative feedback, to warn future guests of his questionable morale?

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Racist host

That sounds very disturbing ,you could say they are upfront, but in my eyes they don't take themselves very serious. We touring cyclists are in generally more open minded and I'm especially happy to host cyclists from other cultures and continents it would be very disturbing if you show up at a host and be made feel uncomfortable just because of who you are.

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If you're on this website you

If you're on this website you should be open to letting people from all over the world stay, supremacist/racist idiocy is fundamentally incompatible with the ideas and worldview of most touring cyclists. I would post feedback that says something along the lines that it would be wise to avoid him if you don't want to stay with racists/intolerant hosts

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No reason for negative

No reason for negative feedback that I can see. You did not meet these people.

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Profile and prospective host reaction

Paul, I would just let it go. I think this guy has a poor sense of humor, is trying to get a reaction from you and/or he has a racist agenda and isn't worth your time. Otherwise, he seems more or less harmless. If he is truly racist, it may be reflected in his response to future requests and should be noted. That said, it may be that your noting that you are open-minded and do not tolerate racism and sexism may seem contradictory to some, thus triggering sarcasm. I would suggest that your profile is not the place to make moral statements. We are in this to share a little bit of our lives with others who have a similar interest in cycling, hopefully. I think we can best impress hosts or guests with our actions rather than our words. A Christian saying goes "Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary."

If you want to warn others, be non-judgmental. Simply copy and paste his words to the feedback, noting only that this is his response to your request for hosting. Let others make their own decision on his inappropriateness. Hope that helps.


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To be honest, it sounds more

To be honest, it sounds more to me like an attempt at humour that backfired. I'd just let it go.

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We have lost the way

The first we should know that we are human and we should like to help everyone if possible.we are not machine men with machine minds and machine hearts .We are human ,we should have the love of humananity in our hearts because friendship is the key to the tranquillity and humanity. I hope that I can do it .Reza frome Iran/shiraz ,anyway, we are equal all cyclists association , black ,white ,all opinion but equal respect and honesty .

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Touchy comments.

They are just preparing you for the fact that they are not 'politically correct' and enjoy all kinds of humor. You sound defensive and just the type of person they are warning. Everything is well and just don't contact them. Situation solved.

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Let it go,

Let it go. He saw your profile, warned you about his sense of humor and friends that might not fit with yours, and you chose to not stay there because of it.
I had an opposite situation happen to me...the potential host told me that I would be arriving on Saturday, so if I came, he would like to take me to church on Sunday. I decided to not stay...but appreciated the potential host upfront statement/warning...

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Morals or morale? They're not

Morals or morale? They're not the same, you know, so don't use these words indiscriminately.
As for these people and their comments, I wouldn't make it such a big issue.
It's not like their spamming people with that message or attitude.
Just ignore it. It would be different if they had hosted you and then come up and made your uncomfortable with stuff like that.

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Besides, they were warning

Besides, they were warning you that they "have some guys... hanging around" that think that way, not that they think that way themselves. So maybe they have a roommate, neighbor or landlord or someone you'd possibly meet there that would offend you, and that's beyond their control, so they are just warning you.

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re: "racist host?"

hmmm, this is tricky.
You never actually met the person. You initiated contact.
I don't know if it was an attempt at humor, or what.

If you feel strongly that we (the rest of us on WS) need to be "warned" about this person post their reply to you with any feedback you leave.

I will also say that I've been miss-understood when I attempted what I thought was obvious, not sarcastic, humor. The person I replied to was almost insulted. And he sent me another email requesting clarification. So this is another wiggly-waggly interaction with a fellow human that you do not fully understand.
I think I'm going for the "let it go" advice.

tailwinds, Gerhardt

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Warm Showers is Working

I'll suggest that the WS site is working as it should here. Each side gets to see the other's profile and then make choices about what to ask for and offer. You included things in your profile that you would not tolerate and I'll suggest the potential host was gracious in noting your stated tolerance limits and reaching out to you about the possible conflicts.
It feels to me like the community is working as it should.

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As another wrote above, " I

As another wrote above, " I think this guy has a poor sense of humor". From reading your/his post I think that would be my guess also.

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Nothing disturbing at all

Lighten up.
Racism,sexism, any other -ism, in right dose can be hilariously fun.
Main thing is,they found time to reply.
( which in my view,puts WS users way above any other hospitality sites)

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is profile right place to make moral statements?

Thanks everybody for your feedback. It helped me soothe my nerves over this a little ;)

When I created this account I took the time to read the guidelines on how to be a good host/guest.
One core-statement of all the posts was, that you should clearly communicate your expectations to avoid mistunderstandings and disappointment. That's what I did.
And I'm really glad about that. It probably saved me from an unpleasant encounter.
So I'd say my profile is the absolute right place to make moral statements.

Also thanks for your advice on how to further handle this feedback-wise. Probably a quote of the original reply speaks for itself.

To anybody who said I shouldn't take this too seriously: Please educate yourselves on the topic of white power. They are Nazis.
And I judge them. Discrimination must not be taken lightly and can't be tolerated.
I am not sorry for any lack of humor. I got a lot of it.

Racism is a mind-set that denies the idea of all human beings being 'born free and equal in dignity and rights'.
To me, that clarifies why one can not discuss racism as an opinion.
It has to be seen as 'disregard and contempt for human rights (which) have resulted in barbarous acts'.

Great, I completely managed to bring this topic to a level of principles. Once again: Not sorry.
I think it's necessary to reflect the world you want to live in in your daily life.
I don't want the community (that I'm part of) to be a place of tolerance towards intolerance.

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