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No response from potential guests

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No response from potential guests

After hosting for 8 years, it appears that recently, spamming hosts, picking one, and just forgetting about all others becomes more common. When offering to host someone, I normally even say something like: "Please let us know if you want to stay with us, just in case you contacted several hosts" but to no avail.

Not sure how to deal with that. Certainly not enough for a negative feedback but quite impolite anyway. Any proposals?

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I'm not sure what needs to be

I'm not sure what needs to be dealt with, if they don't get back to you to confirm then you don't host them, end of story. Sure it may be impolite but it pales in comparison to (and is undoubtedly a consequence of) the task that confronts guests trying to find active hosts in populated areas on this site.

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It's not the end of story

It's not the end of story if they don't confirm, because now you don't know whether or not there coming so you're on "hold" for a day if other things come up.

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I'm not sure I understand

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a one day "hold".

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In the 2 recent cases, I

In the 2 recent cases, I received the request almost a week in advance, something like "we'll arrive Wed or Thu" . That's OK of course, that people don't yet know exactly when they arrive. But receiving no response made me reject other requests during these days (and a bit around), so these people blocked me and possibly other hosts with their attitude.

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Understood. When their

Understood. When their failure to communicate prevents other guests from having the opportunity to be hosted it becomes a problem but still the decision of whether (and how long) to reserve a place for an unconfirmed request is still yours. I don't see any obligation to do so (as long as you are clear about it in your communications and perhaps your profile), but even back when I received 1000+ requests a year I would usually hold our room for 24 hours pending confirmation (and let them know in my reply).

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I agree with you, this means

I agree with you, this means the lost of the "spirit" of warmshower and the shift to the "couchsurfing" stile. In your case I will send them an email explaining your disapoinment.

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Lack of communication.

We are speaking of manners, here. Yet the shoe is on both feet. I know that large metropolitan areas are difficult to get a host response. I send out 5 to 10 requests at a time just to get one yes or no answer. I keep track of each message sent and any response. I always send a return note, even when I am turned down. When more than one answers in the affirmative, I always tell them I wish to keep them as an alternative or fallback in case the first approval doesn't work out. Then when the time draws near, I contact both with my intentions. No one has ever felt offended that I know.

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Negative Feedback

If I received a request to host and responded with a yes, then never heard from them again I would give a negative feedback.
With a clear explanation of my dissatisfaction it might make the person more considerate on their next try.

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I have no problem with

I have no problem with cyclists contacting multiple hosts. After all, the response rate on Warm Showers can be quite dismal at times. On the other hand I think it's just good manners to reply to hosts who were gracious enough to invite them into their homes. I find it more than irksome when someone contacts me, I respond positively and then the communications just die. It's rude and disrespectful and makes me think that those who engage in that type of behavior are also the ones who see warm showers as just a string of free, impersonal hotels along the way.


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no response back

i can only think of one time that I got a request to stay with me to which i replied " yes you can stay" then never heard anything more from the young man. I was fairly new to WS at the time, and thought it a bit odd to not get a response . I was going to be home that evening anyway
but made no special preparations for a guest. I figured if he did show up I would come up with supper when he got here.

Never heard anything and with my active imagination i could not help but wonder what happened to him. The mystery was solved when that Saturday in the paper was the regular column by a local writer who is also a WS hostess. She mentioned having spent a charming evening with a young man who bicycled up. Mystery solved , he had taken a bit more northern route and ended up at the other host in the area.
I do think it is important to follow up with any communication wether you are host or guest so that all parties know what to expect.

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If you can ask then you

If you can ask then you should be able to confirm or say "hey thanks my plans got changed " and do it asap
communication and manners and everything usually works out.


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I have also complained here

I have also complained here about guests not responding - about two years ago... I added a sentence to my profile than and the situation seems to get better! So I can recommed this.

In the last years most guests travel with a smartphone. To my astonishment all trust only on the availability of Wifi at the hosts. If there is no Wifi (or not granted to be used by a foreign person), the guest is not reachable.

I know mobile internet of even mobil telefon is expensive outside your home country - but as a fallback for urgent responses or detailed communication with someone who will host you for free seems appropriate to me.


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Seems a good idea to me. I

Seems a good idea to me. I added some note, that after my confirm, people should reconfirm within 24h, otherwise the place might be gone. Think that is a good compromise.

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Inspiration from other profiles

Over time we have tightened "the rules" on our profile for guests.
The profile of Peter de Visser was very helpful:
You are welcome to look at our profile.

Result: no trouble any more.
Well, we are also pretty strict on putting down requests,
which seem to be spam or otherwise weird.

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no response

I was upset about not hearing back from my guests and I have send them an email to tell them that I thought it was a bit rude that they didn't contact me to say they found an other place to stay. I received an email back with a lot of apologies and some prove that they had send an answer, but it I didn't receive it. Also after my second mail to ask if they were coming or not they did reply, but that one also got lost.
They had some trouble on the road and they asked if they were still welcome at my place and I said 'yes' and I was happy I did, because they were very kind and polite and lovely. So sometimes it's the technology what is not working properly.

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We have spent several

We have spent several afternoons waiting for no-shows who probably did exactly this. They sent out requests, accepted one, and ignored the others.
I myself have been guilty of this, sending out numerous requests, hoping to get a "yes," and then after receiving a host's offer of accommodations, I forgot to get back to the other people I requested, especially for the offers who responded much later.
It's common courtesy to send a note saying you've found other accommodations.
Perhaps WS could figure out a way to make this easier. It can be difficult to find Wifi or even cellphone service in some areas. We live south of Big Sur, and there is NO Phone service there.

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Actually you raise a good

Actually you raise a good point OP. Maybe it is worth giving negative feedback to people who don't do the right thing. I'm going ot start a new post about it.

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