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One address / one family : two WS accounts

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One address / one family : two WS accounts

We had some Guests recently, who showed us how two WS Accounts were in fact the same family, at the same address.
Our Guests, seeking a Stay, contacted both ( via the phone numbers listed) ... and the same person answered each enquiry. Our Guests found this annoying.

On further investigation, it happens that the two accounts do NOT have the same "pin" : one of the account holders has listed their "pin" ~ 5 km away from the actual location (!). This account holder has chosen to list their location using the "metropolitan" mode, rather than what the Post Office ( or a person on a bicycle...) would need to know .

The *reason* for this is to "game" the system : this account appears *ahead* of more accurately positioned ones, for Searches based on the metropolitan identity. Or so I imagine the logic of this entry to be. FWIW : I have noticed exactly the same logic explicitly stated on other Profiles, as well

Anyway, it's cases like this that make me want to have a "report button" AND some follow up to eliminate such mis-information. I don't think there is anything sinister or malevolent about this family, they are just self-oriented rather than traveler-oriented.

In my opinion, WS * should* be traveler focused, or it's nothing at all

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To be completely clear ...

There are TWO issues here :
1. " non-genuine" accounts ...AND
2. deliberate mis-positioning of the Host's actual address, whether in the List or on the map

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simple solution: ask people

simple solution: ask people to set as pin a location not farthe than a 5 minutes move from actual place.

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Profiles without manually

Profiles without manually placed pins will fall back to the most accurate estimation of location according to what address data the user has entered using standard geodata for city or country location. There are thousands of profiles like this on WS, the greater problem is that many of them are non-hosts who did the bare minimum to sign up as members and are now just absorbing countless requests and wasting everyone's time.
The solutions have been offered up numerous times:
-choose another metric to sort list searches (even random sorting would give better results than pushing the least invested members to the top).
-allow the user to choose sorting methods: last login, time as member, amount of feedback, response rate...
-have a default smart sorting mode that promotes members with for example >50% response rate after >2 requests and last login of within 1 month to a randomly sorted list before listing the remainder of users by last login.
-implement filtered searches (but useful filters): last login, time as member, amount of feedback, response rate
-stop signing up new members as available to host by default
-each member's current availability should be clearly visible at the top of every page whilst they are signed in - a big button with a drop down menu, green for available, red for unavailable.
-and, finally, to remove the thousands of deadweight 'hosts' we have accumulated over the previous 4 or 5 years, automatically switch members with <33% response rate and >3 requests to unavailable.

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Entirely agreed

I really wished someone in the web team would implement one of the solutions you suggest.


I have a great space in Brooklyn, but there is no way anyone will find it because the map for Brooklyn is just cluttered with way too many hosts who are not actually active. What irks me is that it is really easy to fix.

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