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Warm Showers in the Us versus elsewhere

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Warm Showers in the Us versus elsewhere

Ever since I first joined WS, i've noticed that there's a different culture in the USa than in other countries. This is something I've picked up from reading the forums both here and on facebook. I think the culture mainly stems from the hosts. It seems to me that a lot of American hosts just love to host and do whatever they can for their guests without any thought for anything else and they are frequently not cycle tourists. I don't think this is the case in other western countries. I'm not sure about Asian countries which may be a little more like US hosts.

Has anyone else noticed this. I think those of us who tour by bike when we host, we have expectations of our guests that may be a little different from the many US hosts who do not ride. Anyone have any thoughts on this. 

I would say in saying this that my experience as a guest - for hte first time on my last tour in Australia - was that the hosts may only have toured on an organised tour and had never been a guest. They were often older and so made great hosts. But they were cyclists. 

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In hindsight this probably

In hindsight this probably doesn't belong in this particular section but in the general discussion forum. Sorry you can move it if you want.

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Clarify the question please

Interesting question. I guess I need you to clarify your question/belief as opposed to what. For instance, are you impling that non-USA hosts hate to host,do as little as possible for their guest and only think about everything else and are only cyclotourists?  Or are you saying that our (those who tour by bike) expectations are different from USA-specific non-riding hosts (and USA hosts who do ride are the same as "us")?  Lots of variables to your question.

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Not at all. I'm just saying

Not at all. I'm just saying this is something i think i've picked up from reading posts about hosting on the facebook page. I"m not suggesting anyone hates hosting. That's just silly. I'm just saying that the us hosts seem to be even more enthusiastic and keen than in other parts. 

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I really can't compare

Since you clarified your question a little better, I must say I can not compare honestly.  While I have toured in Europe, I have not used WS hosts in Europe.  I would say that perhaps, again perhaps, the US is not nearly as used used to touring by bicycle as Europe so those in the USA that do may be more enthusiastic about it and thus more enthusiastic when meeting/hosting like-minded people.  An example is we get a lot of international riders doing Route 66, probably 75% are non-USA.  Most American's probably think, what is the big deal, but the international crowd loves the "old west" feel, espeically if I have the time to take them out to a massive free-range bison/buffalo preserve and they can see hundreds of them 100 yards from them or closer.  Since I have seen them many times,I am a little bored by it.  I would much rather tour in Asia or Europe than Route 66/North America but since I live on Route 66 (and have toured in North America extensively), I maybe just used to it here so that is why "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence". 

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re: Warm Showers in the Us versus elsewhere

um, I also don't fully hear your question... 

you state you find WS "culture" different in the US compared with European countries.  

as I've only experienced european hosts I don't think I can comment directly.  (I've acted the host in the US.)  please clarify. 

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North America and Europe

I have not really seen much of a difference in hosting styles on either side of the Atlantic.  I have had hosts who were minimalists.  These people showed me where the shower was and then "let me know when you roll out in the morning".  Others have taken me kayaking, given me a tour of the town, or cooked full meals for me.  I have actually had more "hands off" hosts in the N America, but I have also used WS more in N America than Europe.

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Ok so my perception is

Ok so my perception is probably incorrect. Thanks.

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I have only traveld in Italy

I have only traveld in Italy and using Warmshowers.   I really didn't see any diiferences.   I found people pretty much to be exactly like us only the speak a different language.   And speaking of language., I don't remeber once when they would carry on a personal conversation in front of me in Italian.   I thought this was very thoughtful of them.


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Id quite like to close this

Id quite like to close this thread. I think it was a misguided question. 

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Oh I don't think it was mis

Oh I don't think it was mis-guided.  I could easily see why you think their MIGHT be a difference as people are different.  For instance, some people only allow tent camp[ing while most offer a bed or camping. I could easily understand why you might think areas of the world have a slightly different value.  No worries, John

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