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Biking in Switzerland (Nord-Süd-Route) in the next upcoming days!

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Biking in Switzerland (Nord-Süd-Route) in the next upcoming days!



My name is Cecilia, I’m 27 years old and I’m planning to bike the Nord-Süd Route through Switzerland in the upcoming days, starting probably Wednesday from Basel. The route passes u.a Aaurau, Sursee, Luzern, Altdorf, Andermatt, Bianca, Bellinzona, and Chiasso. After Chiasso I’ll bike to the Mediterranean See.

If there are people interested in joining (for parts of the route or more), just let me know and maybe we can bike a piece together! I biked around 80km’s a day but gotta find out how much I do when biking through mountains. Ah, maybe an important to know, I’m filming and vlogging a lot about this journey and share this on youtube. So sometimes I stop on the route to talk about something that I experience, which is getting me out of the bike-flow sometimes but also important for me to keep doing (it's a kind of project.)

Let me know if you’re interested! :)


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re: posting on Youtube

hello Ms Cecilia Hoezen, 

Please, if you're posting bicycling related content on social media include a link ;-) 

Gerhardt in Namibia

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How long will you be riding?

Hello, I just finished with a ride from Chicago to New York for a project that I was working on. Now that I am done, I don't want to stop riding, so I am looking for anywhere to ride. How long will you be riding for? Below is the link to the ride I just did.

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