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Unreponsive hosts...

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Unreponsive hosts...

This is a general problem with the world, not just hosts.. Lack of responsibility.  I find trying to get a host to respond challenging. 

I suppose fun for young people to list as a host and say they´re available, but then I find out they forgot to change such, to unavailable. 

One host recently, having to do with responsiveness... 53 requests, 0% responsiveness.

I think it´s time for to change from free lodging to paid lodging likr AIRBNB.  Money always motivates.

F.A. Hutchison, Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety via bicycle!

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re: Unreponsive hosts...

my $0.02 worth -- I do not agree that WS should change to the AirBnB model.  

my understanding is this is the "couch surfing" site for touring bicyclists.  I'm not a host to make money, I host to assist my fellow bike-travelers.  

I am currently experiencing the same challenge you mention -- unresponsiveness.  in a couple of weeks I'll head into South Africa.  there is a couple along my proposed route -- on their WS page they say to contact them by phone.  -they do not use email(!)-  so I'll text 'em when I enter S-Africa.  

tailwinds, Gerhardt 

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unresponsie hosts...

Yes, Gerhardt, you´re probably from Germany, no doubt prosperous, a job, a house, an expensive bicycle.  What about those who can barely affored to eat?  I´ve cycled through some 40 countries, over 200,000KM.  I´ve been a host in two countries, China, and Bolivia.  I never charged, and had some guests stay for months.  But, what about the less fortunate hosts, who might be more motivated to responds if they could make a little to cover the costs of hosting (electricity, water, heat, WIFI, etc.).  And if you don´t think this is a good idea to charge, COME UP WITH AN ALTERNATIVE WAY TO MOTIVATE HOSTS!  It´s one thing to be against something, quite another to solve the problem!  F.A. Hutchison, on the road for 14 years!

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Participating in hospitality

Participating in hospitality exchange as a host in the Third World has always appealed to two main demographics: expats and the local upper classes. So, even if the majority of people in a particular country are very poor, the people actually hosting on hospex communities are typically not. If you have been on the road for 14 years, then you may have seen this for yourself by using Couchsurfing in India, Southeast Asia, or Africa.

I don’t think it is worth changing a hospex community’s model to try to attract the local poor by charging money, because even if you changed the model, that might still not attract them. There are still other barriers in the way, like cultural or language ones, and the poor are less likely to have the additional space in their homes to easily welcome a series of cyclist guests, etc. Also, it is great to stay with a local expat or upper-class host who “speaks your language” and can give you a comfortable place to stop on a tour, but cyclists might not want to stay in the much more primitive conditions of a lower class home – they might prefer to just pay for a cheap hotel room instead.

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Not agree in charging

Living on one of European cycling highways we have a lot of requests for hosting. We often offer room, dinner,... for cyclists. We try to answer every request.

We mostly tour in areas with no/few WS-members. Therefore we are not very often visiting.

So why should we pay? For what? If WS starts charging for membership we will leave this platform - that's for sure.


Michaela and Herbert

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The tools are there for you

The tools are there for you to use to filter out the hosts unlikely to respond. Look at when they joined, how often they have hosted (look at the feedback for dates), their % responsiveness and when they were last online to the site.  Don't bother to contact a host with 53 requests and 0% responsiveness. If you want to bring money into the equation, go elsewhere.

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Unreponsive hosts... and what about unresponsive guests ?

I live in a city and region where there are many WS hosts, and many tourists. As WS host, I sometimes receive messages asking for a place to stay, I answer I can host them, but nobody shows up. Some cycle-tourists send the same request to many possible hosts, they end up spending the night by one of them, but don't bother to tell the other ones that they will not come. This is real world...

I would probably quit WS if it turns into a commercial service like Air BnB. I am not a hotel owner, money is not my motivation when I propose hosting, and most important :  I do not want guests to behave as customers in my home.

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Unresponsive Hosts

Hey F.A.  Just curious, did you really feel that after 53 no responses, you would be the LUCKY 54th to receive a reply?

If you're interested in an Airbnb, just click the link.

We are absolutely not interested in monetizing the Warmshowers' experience.

If you want to find out how other members feel about this, create your own questionairre with SURVEY MONKEY.

Best travels and hosting to you,

Mark in Salt Lake



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