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Trip from Poland to Central Asia - Videos

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Trip from Poland to Central Asia - Videos

Hi all!

Last year we (Maciek and I) cycled from Poland in Europe through (among others) Turkey, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to Kazakhstan and finally Russia in 8 months. We didn't need to use WarmShowers a lot, cause in many of the countries we visited the people are incredibly hospitable - we would get lots of invitations from strangers - and we also had some acquaintances along the way to visit, mainly because Maciek had been in some of the places before. Actually, in many of those places, there weren't even any warm showers. But on a hot summer day, even washing up with a bucket of cold water is very nice. :)

We've been fillming all along the way, and we're now making a series of short videos about it. So far we have a trailer and 3 episodes, but there are many more to come.

Enjoy watching!

P.S. It's spoken in Polish, but there are English, Dutch and as far as we can manage also Russian subtitles.

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Nice, congratulations! Thank

Nice, congratulations! Thank you very much for uploading videos from your tour. It is very interesting.

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wow this is great!

wow this is great!

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It's always very cool to see

It's always very cool to see people having a good time like this!

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Thanks for the reactions

Thanks for the reactions everyone. Good to hear that at least some of you enjoy our work. :)

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Trip video’s

Well done, great to see what long distance cycle travelling is about, thats the spirit! Thanks for sharing it! Cycle Greetings from Vlissingen :)

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hi,it's filter in iran,can you upload it in another website?

i offer this 

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Hi Mostafa, that would be

Hi Mostafa, that would be difficult cause there's a lot of films, they are big and our internet connection is not very good. But I know that it's possible to watch Youtube from Iran too, via VPN, cause we have at least one loyal viewer from Iran.

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put a english subtitle

hi,i downloaded you video anyway but i dont undrestan your language!it's very difficult!

put a english subtitle or when you record videos plz speak to universal language like english,it's will be helpful,Tanks.

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Nice that you managed to

Nice that you managed to download them. Actually our videos have English subtitles already, if you watch them on Youtube (and Dutch subtitles as well). If you want, I can send the .srt files with the subtitles to you so you can view the downloaded files offline with those subtitles. Please send me a PM with information which videos exactly you want the subtitles of and how I can send them to you (email / Telegram / whatever). We cannot make our videos in English, because we don't both speak English. 

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cool stuff


I started cycling back in 2010 in Australia riding from Perth to the Gold coast (7500km)

in 2012, I was working in New Zealand and rode my bike around both Island in 2 months (4500km)

In 2015, I went to Mongolia cross the Gobi desert, went to China, Kazahstan, Kyrgzstan and Tajikistan in 4 months (5500km)

This July, I will be cycling from France to azerbaijan in 3 months fundraising Against Cancer, I ve created a website to gather people that love traveling on the bike at please sign up and tell us your story.

Thank you


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a really great adventure