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Website use with VPN

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Website use with VPN


The site can't be used with VPN (403 Forbidden). I understand that this is likely because of the location functionality, but for users in China it's an issue because we usually have a VPN running to avoid the Chinese censorship. If we access the site without VPN we can't use the google map as google is blocked in China. This might also be an issue in other countries with censorship such as Iran, or for people who are generally concerned about online privacy and use a VPN for that reason.

Is there any way to let the site work while VPN is on?



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Website use with VPN

I have to agree with you Vera. The only website that I visit regularly that can't cope with a VPN is this one - and that's way more frustrating than any advantage given by location functionality (assuming that is in fact the cause of this issue). Equally annoying is the 403 error message - is it really that hard to put up a custom error message stating the reason you can't access the site is because you're using a VPN? It took me about a month on tour to realise the site hadn't been abandoned before I stumbled across the VPN issue. And it's not just me - I had some recent guests, who I invited to stay when I bumped into them at the local shops, who had given up on warmshowers because as far as they could tell the site (and therefor the organisation) no longer functioned. All of their devices ran through VPNs, all the time - as indeed should everyone's when travelling.

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Is this still an issue? Seems

Is this still an issue? Seems to work via Tor Browser.

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Yes, but it's inconsistent

Here's what's happening tonight (all browsers running on a Mac using PIA VPN):

Tor Browser: No

Vivaldi: No

Safari: No

Firefox: No

Chrome: No

Opera: YES!

Opera will also connect using it's own built-in VPN. All of the other browsers will load warmshowers when the PIA VPN is turned off. All browsers except Tor are the latest versions (I found Tor so damned slow that I've never bothered updating it).

Note that every once-in-a-while, I can load the site in any browser with the VPN turned on, but the next time I visit it's stuffed again.


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