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warmshowers locations inserted into google maps

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warmshowers locations inserted into google maps

Is there a way to turn on warmshowers waypoints in google maps? Like labels or terrain, it would be very useful to map a route and be able to view all warmshowers along that route.

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Download as CSV file

You can visit the list page ( and download as a CSV file, which has the lat and lon for each member. Several members have massaged this to meet their needs just as you're describing.

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Plotting member locations on a Google Map

Downloading the CSV file as suggested works well but you may have to look at several regions if your tour is long.

Since this forum is called "wish list", it would be nice to have a feature that would allow selection of members from a map view loaded to a custom spreadsheet that could be used to transfer long at lat info to a Google Map.

Even without adding features, the map function could be improved by allowing the member icon to be opened without re-centering the map. Reloading is slow and this makes the process tedious. Also, once a member profile is closed, the map view should return to the same center and the same scale. It does not seem to do this now.

Still a great site... can always be better.


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Thanks for the thoughts

We do have the hope to implement member flagging, which might give this feature. The feature request is at

The map needs to be redone completely, as technology has moved on, and google will eventually kill what we're using.

If you like this sort of thing you're welcome to help!