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Deleting a Post?

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Deleting a Post?

If I post in the wrong place or want to delete something how do I do it. There is an edit option but that's it.

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Posts can be deleted, comments not

So if you create a new post (like you did here) you can delete it by going to "Edit" and then using the "delete" button at the bottom.

If you create a comment though (replying to someone else's post) you can't delete the comment. You can edit it and put "deleted" in the content...

So you could delete this post, along with my comment, by editing and clicking the delete button if you wanted to.


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Hi Randy,There is no delete

Hi Randy,

There is no delete button when I reply as a comment on a thread.

Also, how do I find posts that I have previously written. There seems to be no obvious place to find them

** For example. Hitting edit on this comment does not give me the option to delete it.

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Yes, that's what I said in

Yes, that's what I said in the comment above as well. "Posts can be deleted, comments not".

If something's really important, you can request that we delete it.

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