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I just learned, that my email-Provider regards mails via warmshower as spam

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I just learned, that my email-Provider regards mails via warmshower as spam

I am very sorry about this and have changed the settings. But if I have missed any communication due to this I apologize. It just never occured to me that this could happen.


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Warmshowers as spam

It seems many email systems treat email from Warmshowers as spam.

We get quite a few queries asking why has not received any email from Warmshowers, especially the first authentication email. I'm not sure how we're going to deal with this but we're looking into it.

In the meantime, thank you for starting this thread. I hope a lot of people will see it and check their spam and trash folders for "missing" emails.

Most email systems allow the address holder to change "permissions" and tell the system to accept mail from a particular address.

If anyone finds Warmshowers mail in their spam or trash folders I encourage you to learn how to change permissions on your email so that future email will be accepted.

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Spam traps

I realized this was happening a couple of months ago when I failed to get a reply from a couple I'd written about overnighting. Finally called. The lady was very apologetic, saying she had just discovered my request in her spam trap.

I now add a ps to all request, noting the spam problem, and that I'll call if no response after a few days. Even if the person gets the mail, it can be overlooked on a page full. If the person reads the mail and doesn't respond, they understand I will be calling.

I've not had this problem with gmail. I did not realize how widespread it is. Call the potential host before marking unresponsive.

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