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I can't find my own posts

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I can't find my own posts

I made three posts recently, all in the same subject/Forum, but I can only find one of them - after spending quite a bit of time looking for them. I *am* interested in what people have to say, but not if it is so hard to locate the discussion.

I note that while posts link back to a member's profile, the Profile does NOT link to the member's posts ( ie. back the other way !) This would allow the member to monitor responses to their Forum Posts quite easily..

At the moment, it looks like my Posts have been deleted, but I just don't know Perhaps they are too controversial ..?

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Tracking forum posts

When you post to the forums, do you click the "Notify me when new comments are posted" box at the bottom of the "Comment" frame?

If so, check your email for notifications of responses. There will be a link back to the posting.

If not, please do so in the future.

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When you create a new post,

When you create a new post, you automatically get email notifications of every comment.

When you create a new comment on somebody else's post, you by default get notifications of answers, and can change how that works, as Mark says.

Although we don't provide a link to it, you can also find all your posts at (Your uid is 212). Nobody seems ever to have missed that link before :-)

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