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I posted a question on ( via facebook ) then got a spam ad. What can i do to stop this?

Mathilde Chambelart
Mathilde Chambelart 10:56am Oct 14
Hello Sir & Madam,
I am the Director General of the Institute of International Finance .
This message is intended for individuals , the poor, or those who are in need of a particular loan for their various loads (Ready for rent, debts, vehicle purchase, apartment rental, Sanitation investment in company). Or that you 're blacklisted or your file was rejected in the bank. Etc. .... I have a capital which will be used to grant special loans short and long term from 3000 euro to 10,000,000 euro to all serious people , honest and good morals wanting this prêt.3 % interest the year depending on the amount being paid for particular I do not want to violate the usury law . You can pay 5 to 25 years depending on the maximum amount lent . It's up to you to monthly payments . I am involved in this case to help the poor or those who need a helping pose. But the main goal is to reduce poverty. The transfer is provided by a bank to the security of the transaction. Please give the amount of your claim and tracking its duration.
Contacted me by mail is as follows:

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Black list that email address

I'm not sure how you wound up getting that spam but the first thing to do is black list the sender's email address. You'll have to look at your email provider's help to learn how to do it as I'm not familiar with the system.

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