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Contacting potential hosts problem

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Contacting potential hosts problem

I had three French cyclists staying with me last year, and they told me
they often did not know how far they would get each day. The problem
was that people don't always look at e-mail etc every day, so perhaps
a contact telephone number for the host to supply would be helpful for
those on the road who cannot wait a long time for replies, or who are
in a place with no internet access. I posted my phone number on this site
and it was beneficial to the French people who stayed here. They could then
text me when they were nearby for final directions.

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Three french cyclist

Just read your post. Where the three named Perin, Robert and Vincent? If so we hosted them also in late August. Great bunch of guys.
Rick Cathers

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The phone number problem

I think a lot of people are uncomfortable putting their telephone numbers out on the Web. Warmshowers goes to great lengths to keep member information secure and available only to other members but there are enough problems in the digital world that most people just don't want to take the risk.

That said, having a telephone number to call or text is indeed a good thing for all the reasons snapmad stated. I encourage all hosts to consider providing a telephone number.

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