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Hello all! I am taking my little brother on his first bike tour! We will be landing in copenhagen on the 16th of June. I am trying to get ahold of two touring bikes to borrow/rent. Does anyone have any contacts?

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Contacts in Copenhagen


Did you try to directly contact the 5-6 members in Copenhagen, cc, Denmark ?

You also can start here :


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thank you. Do you have any

thank you. Do you have any suggestions of where the most affordable places to tour would be?

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Bike rentals

I am looking to rent two bike suitable for touring. We will use them for 2 weeks. any of you copenhagen-ers out there got the down low?

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Links : Rent a bike

Hi Puddinepie..Here a a few link where you can Rent a bike in Copenhagen,hope it will be helpfull.Bedst regarts Suunto

Click at "English version" and then "Prices"

Home: København Cyklebørs

Gothersgade 157

1123 København K

Click at "Rent a bike"

Home: Østerport Cykler

Oslo Plads 10

2100 København Ø

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thank you. DO locals ever

thank you. DO locals ever rent out?

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Sorry but I dont think the

Sorry but I dont think the do, but try too contact the members in Copenhagen. Maby they can help you. Best regarts Suunto