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Finding Accomodations

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Finding Accomodations

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and not real computer saavy because I am outside most of the time. Anyway, I'm not sure I understand how one would search for members who would like to host a guest on a particular route. Can someone help me with this? For example if I am on a section of the TransAm trail, how do I find hosts within 100 miles of my itinerary?

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You are a member of the Warm

You are a member of the Warm Showers List, right? When you're logged in on the website, click on "map" in the left side menu. Then, move the map around until it's in the area where you are. If you're on an Adventure Cycling route, you can click on the box under themap to load the ACA routes. When you have the area you're interested in in the map's window, look at the little "pins" showing the location of Warm Showers members. Hope this helps. (BTW, I notice the map doesn't work in Firefox browser today; Internet Explorer works fine.)

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Finding accomodotation in sud america

We are 3 bikes (26,25 & 24 years old) traveling from mexico to sud america, now we are in Granada , Nicaragua and we are wondering if you know somebody who can give us some help in Costa Rica... (we know that this is a very expensive country)
here you can find our route
1. Liberia
2. Bagaces
3. Cañas
1. Puntarenas
2. Parrita
3. Buenos Aires
4. Golfito
5. Paso Canoas
1. Orotina

Thank you so much in advance

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