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Insurance for extended cycling trip

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Insurance for extended cycling trip

Can anyone recommend or suggest a good insurance company for cyclists doing long trips?

In August, my wife and I are setting off on a year-long tandem trip across North America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We're going to be in Canada for almost a month, the US for nearly four months, New Zealand for six weeks and Australia the same.

Any ideas please?

Cheers, Huw Thomas

PS. If you're curious, it's going to be a 10,000-mile ride in aid of the disaster relief charity ShelterBox. We've got a blog at

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We are from Canada and when

We are from Canada and when we cycled in New Zealand in Feb/March we got our insurance through BCAA. Very good coverage and reasonably priced.

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worldwide health insurance

I am from Canada.

The last time I investigated international travel health insurance when I wasn't covered by an employer plan, it made financial sense to get two policies: One for worldwide *except* the USA and a second plan to cover only my time in the USA. I don't remember the provider. It may have been Blue Cross.

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Health Insurance: GlobalInsuranceNet

Hi - I assume you're talking about health insurance. I had good luck with - I talked with them extensively on the phone and they were excellent. We used them for health insurance on our 2.5 year trip (

Please make sure you know the difference between "travel-type" health insurance (not renewable) and real health insurance, which is renewable. If you have a serious illness, the travel-type insurance people are off the hook at the end of the term, and you're still in the hospital.