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iPhone app

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iPhone app

I do not have the I-phone but do have the iPad and would like it greatly if you could make an app for the iPad users, as well. It looks like the iPhone app is a good thing to have while traveling, so it stands to reason that it would be a great asset for the iPad as well! PLEASE consider an iPad app!
Cindy Morgan, Park Rapids, Mn

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The Iphone App also works on

The Iphone App also works on Ipads. Here is a link for your iPad)

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I have an iPad and it is a

I have an iPad and it is a beautiful app. gives info about both apps.

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Iphone,Ipod,Ipad mapping apps ect

Follow the the link '' . This app let you download detailed map from open street map and take it with you (it work offline). Good mapping

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Hi there

I just tested it and I find it rather frugal. There are very few options and few kinds of maps.
I personally prefer an app called "OsmAnd" which lets you to a plethora of things, such as download many different kinds of maps even in the free version, search for addresses and so forth.
I just created a new link to it. Thanks for your submit!

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I would greatly appreciate an

I would greatly appreciate an app for older operating systems. I use an iPod touch that came with a laptop purchased two years ago. The iPod runs apps (it has a WiFi radio) but it can't run the WarmShowers app because it is designed for iOS 5.1 or later. I would really appreciate one that can run on iOS 4 so I can use the app while traveling.

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Hellow Elliot, I just came

Hellow Elliot,

I just came back from France for a tour of Bretagne and I used a IPod 4 generation ( I think it has IOS4) with this map app "MapWithMe" loaded on it as (described as per log entry). The Ipod does not have a GPS but uses cell towers for triangulation. The open street map tiles are loaded within the IPop, no need of data or cell phone connection. I communicated with my wife via wifi. It worked for me. Hope this helps. Cheers


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That app requires iOS 4.3 or

That app requires iOS 4.3 or later. I have iOS 4.2. Also, it's not WarmShowers. I really want WarmShowers, not a mapping program. Thanks for the info, though