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no fee to sleep but i accept donations??

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no fee to sleep but i accept donations??

we wanted to be hosts of Mr.David Munusamy, north of Malasia, but surprise!when we cheked his web site it was in big and red letters that there is no fee to stay with him, but he "accept" donations....
We think as cycling travellers and warmshowers for now 2 years, This is something that should be forbidden and it goes against the spirit of Warmshowers.

Isi & Zaida

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no fee to sleep but i accept donations??

Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!! This is totally unacceptable.

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no fee to sleep but...? Misunderstanding in Malaysia

I REALLY agree with rfay on this point. Did I say I REALLY AGREE WITH RFAY? It looks like this gent is a real good host and if I was in his place, I really would be offended with the accusation that I was somehow violating the sprit of the warmshowers network.

While it would be a bit gauche groveling for groszy in Europe and in the developed countries, the economic situation is much different in many parts of the world. Plus warmshowers is a reciprocal hospitality network. There are a lot more westerners taking advantage of the generous hosts in Malaysia, Mexico and other such countries than such guests visiting us. Isi & Zaida, just for clarification you wished to be guest of David Munusamy, and not hosts of course. Myself, a donation to keep a cycling refuge open would be a really small price to pay, heck it’s Malaysia! Here is a host that requires no payment but asks for voluntary contributions so he can keep helping other touring cyclists. It’s not like he’s surreptitiously luring in unfortunate travelers to sock them with a bill!

There is one thing that I find unattractive about some of us touring folk, the smug feeling of entitlement and the “we are on a mission” mentality. As if our rotating tires function as prayer wheels generating good karma and obligations from the population at large. I really enjoy hosting cyclists, but there is that 1% who think by bouncing on their brooks, they are entitled to special consideration. This leaves one feeling a bit taken advantaged of. Fortunately the vast majority of warmshower members are great guests!

And rfay, warmshower hosts in Poland won’t accept money, but a beer is always appreciated!

Robert Mink
Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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A different point of view

Thank all of you for your comments, of course every person has their own oppinion about the world and how things should work, but a question: because we come from Spain is not a little bit to risky to think I have money or presupose our economic-life situation? on the other way, how do you know this person does not have money? Malasya is not consider 3th world at all...anyway, this is not the dicussion.
To make publicity of a "guest house" or tours, there are specialized websites or tourist information places, but we consider Warmshowers is not the correct place. I don't know personally This man, but we had experiences like this before, and is not very confortable to have all the time someone behind you, "hosting you", trying to sell you things or asking for "donations". Simply we think Warmshowers has a different philosophy.
PD: we are more than happy to cook, or invite for beers or meals to everyone, but not feeling as an obligation.
PD: we have been hosts many times as well back in Spain.
Thanks again for the oppinions.

Isi & Zaida

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Sorry, one more thing:
if someone consider visitors are taking advantage of a situation, is as simple as close your account.
Thanks again.

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why close account?

I have been a member of warmshowers for over 13 years. I mentioned in my missive that I have had very good experience with warmshower guests. I also pointed out that that only 1% of the people I've hosted left a bad impression. For example having a private party in my guest room (drinking and smoking pot, hey, I have a patio for that, don’t bogart that joint my friend!), not returning books/maps I have loaned from my extensive collection I save especially for touring cyclists (I provided self addressed envelopes to make it easier to send back so I can share them again), or simply treating the premises as a cheap pitstop. Several hosts have brought up similar issues in this forum, here are some examples among dozens:

I do not suggest these hosts close their accounts, nor will I after all these years because of a few ingrates. I am sure that you are both charming guests that are always welcomed to Jary Poland! No donations requested nor accepted, well except for a lolly for my daughter of course.. ok a barrel of Spanish wine (but only if you carried it on your bike on the rear rack not trailer), maybe an autographed copy of Los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis (first edition please) tapas dinner..:)

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