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Uninvited cyclists

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Uninvited cyclists

We are somewhat disturbed by having cyclists turn up without notice. They say something like "I was talking to X and he said he stayed with you."

I have posted a warning about this on my profile which may seem unfriendly but we simply don't want 'strangers' turning up and expecting a room.

We only want cyclists that have read our profile and understand that Warm Showers caters to a more conservative cycling group and that we require a few days notice.

We've enjoyed the guests so far, but if uninvited cyclists turn up, we will remove our details and no longer participate. We do not want our address to be passed hand to hand up and down the highways of Australia. Apart from anything else, it's a security issue.

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RE-Uninvited cyclists

Hello Paul

Normally I don't answer comments but I felt that I have to answer yours because it has touched me. Let me try to simple then folks are not going to be confused with my English.
- With or without notice the host can always say: I can't; I don't want; I am not available. Even someone that has noticed his coming can turn to be unpleasant.
- Long ride cyclism is far for being a normal activity, go to internet and try phone calls in countries that you don't know very well the language is something difficult to do.
- last, I don't think warmshowers caters to a more conservative cycling group. This is your opinion not mine.

Receive travelers in our homes is not a obligation is a pleasure, is not a favor is a opportunity and it is always up to us to decide if we say yes or no to whom knock our door.

warm regards

Carlos Ferrandis

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Bicycle Travel & Advance information...

Carlos, I fully agree that "..Long ride cyclism is far for being a normal activity .." and I am often amazed that many WSL hosts seem to have no idea that the traveller just cannot predict all their travel in advance..! For us, membership of WSL is *precisely* to be a place for the tired bicycle traveller AT ANY TIME : we don't need 3 months or even 3 days notice ..
( I list " ten minutes - minimum !" on our profile )

One thing to remember is that it much *easier* to be host ( you just need to register !) than it is to be a guset - for that you have to travel, probably with an open mind !

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Uninvited Cyclists

Since Warm Showers is a completely voluntary endeavor I feel that hosts should be free to express their preferences on how and when they are willing to host. Some may be quite happy with guests showing up at their doorstep unannounced while others may prefer some advance notice.

My suggestion for those who prefer advance notice, such as Paul Worden, is to politely explain to guests that, "while we're flattered by the positive reviews to other travelers, we ask that you please also explain to others that they must contact us first to arrange an invitation." They could even offer the host's number or email to reinforce this request.

Best regards and hope to see you down the road!


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I hate confusion.


Let me put this strait : I hate confusion.

In his comment, Paul is referring to people that are *not* members of Warm Showers List (wsl).

I am of the opinion that all actual members should introduce wsl to their friends and their cycling acquaintances so they become new members.

Only members should make contact with members.


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Your call and your rules.. your house .. your safety!!!

Its your call as to how and when you host Cyclists.. END OF STORY!!..I dont feel its for others to
comment on how, when or how many etc you should host visitors/cyclists etc. What is right for you
and your family is RIGHT!! Cheers Kevin

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