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Visitor Concern

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Visitor Concern

I have hosted a few cyclists over the years and it has always been a positive experience. Until this past weekend. I had a guy contact me via email early in the week. I like to be notified in advance 2-3 days. He was coming in the near Sat or Sun. My husband and I were excited to get another visitor and really cleaned up our house etc. We were prepared and expected to get a call or email or something as the weekend came. It came and went and we received no word. The area I live in is mountainous, roads with little to no shoulder and people do get hit and/or disappear. I had hoped the guy would at least let me know if he was serious about coming or not. For all I know he could have been run over, had fallen over a cliff or gotten eaten by by a bear or pack of coyotes. I am really disgusted at his lack of courtesy and inconsideration. I can only hope he is still alive and well and that any future touring visitor will be better.

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Visitors Concern

Your are not the only one with this negative experience. I have had excatily the same. I replied immediately to this person's request of being hosted by us and she never turned up or emailed me. After a few weeks pasted I emailed her asking the reason why she never turned up. No reply. Then I put a negative feedback on her account and almost immediately I got an email from her more or less demanding to delete the negative feedback with the reason that she never received my emails. Yes, technical things can go wrong. Later on I forwarded my first reply in which I also wrote that we are going to cycle in her country and pass trough the area where she lives, she never responded on this. There are also rotten apples among the 'Warmshowers' cyclist, luckily most them are very nice to host and we have had many over the years.

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Hi there. I am on the road.

Hi there. I am on the road. I have changed my plans recently, and I do take the time out to email people as best as I can. Best to expect anything, as bike problems, accidents, diversions might indeed happen. My back has issues, my ass is completely sore, and I don't know the area at all. For me, it isn't disrespect, it's just the regular stuff.

Participation does indeed come with trying to optimize communications. Spam filters are a bitch. I posted something recently specifically on that. Maybe the rewrite might encapsulate all messages on the site, with warning emails from WS...not sure. Ideas to consider for best communication.

Anyway, don't sweat it. I would let them know your schedule as to when you will be home, and say "there you go". Discussion can meet a time and place, or expectations as to how it can all work.

In fact, maybe a sort of schedule might be integrated with the WS site. Not sure. More development. You can't avoid bad manners, as they are everywhere. What did they say about the missing hosting?


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No show or contact with no follow up

I have been a member for 6+ years but have never stayed with a host when bike touring. I hope to in the future. I have had cyclists contact me about my hosting them and then not having them show up however all so far have been courteous enough to contact me and let me know they could not make it. The reason they do not show up is immaterial. I don't need a reason or excuse just a note or quick phone call to inform me of the fact.

The biggest reason I have not stayed with a host when traveling is the fact that I do not maintain much of a schedule when bicycle touring. I do appreciate that this may also be the situation for other travelers and try to not get annoyed when travelers schedule or route change.

Looking forward to my next guest(s) and to being hosted in the future.


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While it's very nice to see

While it's very nice to see people being concerned for their fellow WarmShowers cyclists, I would not put so much worry on those who don't reply or don't turn up, especially when they never confirm in the first place. But still, no one should be too lazy to e-mail back out of courtesy.

Now if they did confirm about coming and did not show up, then it is kind of a problem.

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common courtesey

I had a bad experience this last weekend, I agreed to host two guys, travelling seperately, I arranged my weekend around their visit. we had had a lengthy exchange of emails, including my GSM number. Then both parties failed to show up, no messages, no excuses nothing. The next day I mailed them both to say that I don't think this is acceptable. And even then they fail to reply.
I feel like a mug !

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Yeah, to avoid

Yeah, to avoid disappointments like that, approach it differently. Take precedence over any "potential" visit. Also mention it in an email to them if you change plans, etc. Remind them they are engaging on a courteous gesture that you will host them. Also leave a note on their profile that they engaged and abandoned you in pre-visit emails. Definitely not good, and it screws the reputation of this whole system. It should work and people take advantage of it, so they should get labelled when things don't work out right for everyone.

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Best guest

I can understand your frustration. While I have no problem with anyone changing their plans, schedules or routes I do have a problem with not being notified, especially if I have planned to host. I usually have cyclists do a final confirmation about 3 days prior to coming etc. that usually works. But don't confirm, then not show and then not notify me at all. That is just plain rude.

Now, about a week ago I had a cyclist stay with my husband and I. He was one of our best guests. He sent emails to let me know where he was coming from, then per my 3-day notification he called and we chatted about the time he would show up etc. Worked perfect. I came home from the shop and he had just arrived 5 min prior to me pulling in. He was courteous, friendly, and just an all around great guest. I really like hosting...just too bad they all can't be like him.

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3 days? Wow. I don't hold

3 days? Wow. I don't hold that kind of schedule. I'll be 1 or 2 days out when I contact people. The closer I get, the more I know where I'm going to be. I had a flat tire which blew out a full plan once. Not to mention the heat/weather.

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3 day notification

3 day notification for us is good. We are in the country...on backroads...and off the beaten path so to speak. Numerous bike routes are in our area and without calling in and getting directions the cyclist could get lost. GPS won't always work either. We both work and we need the time to make sure we have enough food in case the person may have specific dietary requirements and to make sure everything in our schedule will not be conflicting. Plus it gives them plenty of time to make any changes in their plans if needed and hopefully notify me. Calling us in just 1-2 days doesn't work. Everyone is different and most likely does what works for them. A three day notify/confirm works for us.

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Ouch, sorry to read about

Ouch, sorry to read about this! It's the worst when we schedule our days around a guest and they never show up. I keep a glass half full perspective and always keep a plan B in case the guest doesn't show up, even if he/she seems to be the perfect prospective guest. You just never know if the cyclist could run into a last minute change of plans due to a medical need or even just die. Of course, I wish everyone would arrive to their dream destinations safely!

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