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When is a group not considered "small" anymore ?

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When is a group not considered "small" anymore ?

If you have read the Rules you have noticed this one :

The WSL is for hospitality for private individuals (or
couples or very small groups) touring on bicycles.

Please don't use it for other types of hospitality - for
your large group of teenagers doing a cross-country ride,
or for your large-group fund-raising event (even though
it's for AIDS or cancer or some other fine cause.

If you ever read the posts in the forums you will learn
that some of the members can host larger groups of
cyclists. They are not many but they exist.

At registration time we ask new members to choose the maximum number of cyclists one can (or wants to) host at one time.

The most popular option is a pair (2).
The others give a max cyclists count of:

1               (440)
2             (1843)
3               (537)
4               (807)
5 and more (559)

We have all kinds of requests.
The last one was from a group of eight people.
Because we considered 8 bigger than a "small group"
we forwarded the requester to couchsurfing.

Now I turn to you, the users of the Warm Showers List and ask:

What do you consider to be bigger than a "small" group?
When is a group not considered "small" anymore ?


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What's a small group

At my house a small group would be 4. A large group would be 5 or more. More than 4 creates problems for everyone sharing the bathroom, kitchen, computer and etc. I will check my warmshowers info to make sure everyone knows that.

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Regarding a "small" group

My residence is a 3-bedroom house in the city. This means a tiny back yard that wouldn't work well for camping. With one guest bedroom I can comfortably host two people. Four guests would be OK if some don't mind sleeping on the floor.

Since my living situation is probably somewhat common among WSL members I would say that I can host a "small" group, and that this group would be four individuals maximum.

-- Kevin

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Small Group

I agree with kpoleary that a small group is three to four (3-4). Anymore than that can become burdensome for those who don't have the yard space or extra rooms.

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Small groups and hosting

I am probably an outlier, I enjoy people and have hosted 30 people overnight for my kayaking group. Bathrooms are the main limiting factor. I can only host 4-6 people indoors with the rest in the yard. So for me a small group is less than 10 people.

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when is a group no longer "small"

Something about groups larger than 4 seems to resonate with me. That would be two couples riding together typically

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When is a group no longer small

Something similar came up the other day. A group of 17 are riding through somewhere and asked the host to take them in - all of them. The host, not wanting to somehow disparage Warmshowers by saying no, found themselves in a dissonant state not wanting to say "no" but unable to host such a large group.

What it comes down to is the host's ability to comfortably take in a certain number of guests, whether that is "1" or "60" the number is entirely up to the host.

For me, given my circumstances - space, work requirements, etc. - 1 or 2 is ideal, 3 is okay, and 4 pushes the limit pretty thoroughly. I try to make that clear in my profile and I'm more or less happy to say no if I have to.

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