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Now that Nancy and I have finished our trip and we're back in the land of lots of Internet, I'm getting eager to do some new things with the website. I'm hoping that some of the people who have volunteered to help with development will be able to participate and thus carve out their own space in the development area.
Some ideas for the near term:

  • Update to Drupal 6 (Requires significant attention to the 6-8 custom modules that are in use.)
  • Do a redesign of the basic look and feel of the site - a new theme. Perhaps one of our members can do a new graphic design that we can implement as a theme.
  • Re-implement the special user_location and wsuser modules as basic nodes using content_profile, so much custom code can be retired.
  • Update geocoding to use standard modules where possible, perhaps using gcg or gmaps, and the geonames module. Retire as much of the current custom code as possible. Update custom geonames code (if it survives) to php5 and make sure it uses simplexml so much code can be removed.
  • Move administrative reports to their own page and off of /admin
  • Improve registration:
    • Add a "legal" page that they agree to the "rules" and understand that they're responsible for their own welfare.
    • Add a page that has them add to their whitelist
    • Change the rest of the registration to a multipart form. (Form developer may help with this.) Separate parts for the user base info, geographic info, and hosting info.
  • Improve the presentation of the user profile - use a tabbed format with the geographic info separate from hosting info, etc.
  • Add a new front page with Panels
  • Add privatemsg for private messaging
  • Add features for reporting of hosting so we can keep some count of what's going on out there. Maybe it can be integrated with user referrals. Use a nice AJAX interface?
  • Notify members when a referral about them is posted (use events/actions)
  • Spruce up the site with new photos - request photos from members

Please leave comments about what you'd be most interested in seeing if we get the chance to spiff up the site.


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