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Fat Guy Across America

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Fat Guy Across America

I have read some stories today about a guy who hitting 40 yrs old and tipping the scales at over 500 lbs. decided to pedal across the country
He is in Rhode Island now and working his way west.

his blog is listed as Fat Guy Across America. His name is Eric Hites

I am going to extend him an invite to stay here if his route takes him near me.

How about any of the rest of you along his way extending a warm Warmshowers welcome?



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Spare Bike

Hey WS,

It sounds like he is stuck with a broke down bike. Anyone near him in RH that could lend a hand getting him linked up with a bike co op or resources would be a great help.

Awesome story! He has in invite from me here in Santa Barbara.



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Fat Guy on the bike,

I googled the guy, got a found a news story, but no link to his blog. If you have that and can share it, Im in RI. could give him a place to stay for a day, if his bike is still broke, may be able to do some repairs for him.

Thanks Tom

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Blog: -Fat Guy Across

-Fat Guy Across AmericaFat Guy Across America
According to this story his bike was rebuilt/fixed by a bike shop in RI:
-560-Lb Man Biking Across US to Save His Marriage

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"Fat Guy Across America" Eric Hites

Newport Bicycle built him a new, weight appropriate, bike, with much stronger wheels. He's apparently going at a snails pace, but he is indeed going. It couldn't be more appropriate to say that bicycle touring is not about the miles, but about the journey.

I believe he will be in Rhode Island a bit longer. He's been towing a 300 lb trailer, and apparently he's gotten a lift for his supplies, at least for awhile. As we all know, his daily mileage will increase as his trip goes on (and he loses more weight). He went to a scrap metal dealer and was weighed yesterday; he weighed in at 514 lbs - a loss of almost 50 lbs since he started on Cape Cod last month. It's progress. It's inspirational. I work with a bike snob / fast roadie who lives very near to where Eric was tenting in Tiverton, RI while he waited for his broken bike problem to resolve. My friend saw Eric riding before his second wheel collapsed. My friend was quite impressed and said only positive things. There is certainly something that tugs at us all when we see someone doing the seemingly impossible, taking responsibility for their problems and starting to solve them one wheel rotation at a time.

Eric is on Facebook at:

A couple of local stories and videos about Eric:

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I couldn't get his route page to load. I sent him an invitation anyway, just in case he comes my way. I saw a story about him the other day on Facebook but I lost the feed before I could click on it. Thanks for the links you guys posted.

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sent him an invite.

sent him an invite.

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