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Bug: Not getting e-mail notification of feedback anymore

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Dear Warmshowers Community, we know this is a time of concern for everyone around the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In an effort to streamline communication and better address the current needs of our community in a timely manner, we are temporarily disabling the forums and directing everyone to the Warmshowers Facebook Group. This will allow the Warmshowers Community a centralized place for comments, questions, and concerns related to touring and hosting. As always, we ask that you follow our community guidelines when posting.

Facebook Group:

Please note: For technical questions see our FAQ's to address your question or use the Contact Us form for technical support ONLY.  We will not be providing any information on travel or hosting requests through the Contact Us form.

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Bug: Not getting e-mail notification of feedback anymore

I do not seem to get an e-mail notification when someone gives me feedback. Otherwise, the system works: I get notified of messages and also of the feedback that I give. I suppose this is more of a minor bug than a request for a new feature.

Do others have the same problem, or is it something in my settings somewhere?

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Same problem here! Something

Same problem here! Something is changed in ws.

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Feed Back

I don't believe I got a notice last time. Had to go looking for it.

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Same issue here.

Same issue here.

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Same for me.

Same for me.

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yes same here

two feedbacks discovered only when I looked at my profile. NO email notice.
not all that bad, nice pleasant surprise to find when I log on, but I did notice the difference
of not getting an email notice.

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Feedback notifications

I check the email logs and there was a notification sent and received for the last feedback you received. Is this the one you were talking about?

Jack Turner

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Issue accepted

Hi all,

Admin speaking... Read you loud and clear, we've got an issue in the development queue to tackle this. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming :)


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Cyclist message not sent to me as email

Rather than having to log on to WS website to check for messages, I would like to see a message sent to my email address which I check frequently.

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Problem is resolved - Feedback notification emails are sent agai

Just FYI, this problem has been resolved and feedback notification emails once again go out.