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Host who do not leave Feedback

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Host who do not leave Feedback

Just a heads up I am going to get on my soapbox. A pet peeve I have here on Warmshowers is feedback. Specifically when it is not provided by either guests or hosts. But this post is directed at those who host. I see lots of comments on here about hosting people who do not have much in their profiles or in the way of feedback. Some are rightfully hesitant to host folks with that many unknowns. I myself have never turned anyone down even if they have no feedback, and have never regretted hosting anyone. I figure all of us started out new here at some point in time. But this summer I have had several guests who have told me they have stayed in Warmshower homes further up the road, but when I look at their profiles there is no feedback provided. It is not that I doubt that my guest are telling the truth, but do find it odd that no prior hosts had taken a few minutes to type a line or two. I like to stay in touch with my guests once they pedal on and watch their progress. Often I will send them a "well done or congrats " when they complete their ride. When I look at their profiles often I am the only one who has provided them feedback along the way, even when I can tell that they have been active on the website. So if you are a host, I would like some reasons why posting feedback, either good , neutral , or bad , isn't automatic once a guest pedals away from your door. That is how this website functions and it does not take much to do it. thanks off my soap box now. back to my desk job. Kevin aka noodengr

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Not to mention hosts who

Not to mention hosts who appear on these forums complaining about guest behaviour and threatening to close their accounts only to disappear just as quickly into the ether when someone dares to suggest that perhaps feedback would be the most productive response.

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Request with cherries on top.

Yes, pretty please with cherries on top let's all try and leave feedback, hosts and guests alike, even if you've just cycled with someone for a while. It helps others realise I'm not a psycho when they look at my profile.

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Here here !! I'll drink to

Here here !! I'll drink to that ! Everyone take 3 minutes to post feedback. Even "They were good" or they were boring is better than nothing !


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Host who do not leave Feedback

I host a lot of cyclists when I am at home, and I can tell only a very few guests let a feedback.
So my politic is to give a feedback only when the guest gives one, as I am the one who makes an effort.
Regards Pierre

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I can see it both ways

I can see it both ways though. Guests are, by definition, on the move. So how much time do they have to write feedback? Probably not a lot.

I just hosted 2 guys who, having ridden a rather hilly 70 miles with camping gear (this is their first tour), climbed up a big hill to get to my house, have to climb back out the next day to finish another 50-60 miles. I think they'll be totally plastered by the end of the day. I would be real happy if they leave a feedback. But if they don't, I kind of understand.

For hosts, a different story. Some hosts see a lot of guests coming and going, probably don't feel strongly about leave a canned feedback unless the guest(s) are outstanding. Not too good for the unknown new tourer. But again, they've hosted the cyclists. Perhaps they feel that's enough contribution?

I'm going to give my guests a positive feedback. But it's not like they need it. They've got quite a few good ones already. (That's why I hosted them, because they've got quite a few good feedback) They're finishing their tour today anyway.

So in short, I think it's nice everyone leaves feed back. But I do "get" why many don't.

That said, I do hope host and guest alike will give the new host/guest (those without feedback yet) an extra moment to provide feedback.

I think a lot more useful information is a simple registration each time a hosting happens. Either the host or the guest should be able to simply enter their counterparty. So even if a touring cyclist has zero positive feedback, if I can see he/she has stayed in 5 different hosts and none complain about him/her. It would put my mind at ease in offering my home to that guest. Further more, I can also message the previous host to make sure nothing bad had happened.

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I agree that it would be very

I agree that it would be very useful to log all visits. When I joined, I looked around for quite a while for a listing like this. About the middle of last summer, I realized that the only way to keep track of the number of visits was through feedback, so I resolved to leave feedback for all guests. I do feel it is important to give feedback to newer members so that future hosts can have some indication that the person has had a good experience.

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My sentiments, exactly!

Fifty percent of the time, my guests left feedback even though I treated them royaly. That´s just wrong and I don´t plan on hosting anyone who has not previously left feedback, in the future. Pierre Guilly is right.

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I do not get it either. Some

I do not get it either. Some of my BEST guests, those who I have hosted twice (going to Mexico and returning back to LA) have not left feedback. And this is after hearing my lecture about the importance of feedback!

There will be a note on this the next WS Newsletter. maybe a nudge from everyone can change the culture!

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"I do not get it either. Some

"I do not get it either. Some of my BEST guests, those who I have hosted twice (going to Mexico and returning back to LA) have not left feedback."

I find that completely understandable. If the first stay was so pleasant that it led to a second stay, and then one ended up with not just a host/guest relationship but a real friendship, then it can be very awkward to leave feedback. Not everyone finds it comfortable to express a friendship in words.

When I was living in a city where I got an enormous number of Couchsurfing requests and, being inclined to super-hosting, I accepted them all, I found it much easier to leave (positive) comments for the guests who only came back to sleep at my flat, and with whom I only exchanged a handful of words (or sometimes never even saw, because I just left a key), than those guests with whom I spent long hours in conversation and who I still kept in touch with afterward. On WS, where we all have a similar travel lifestyle in common, it's even more likely that experiences are so positive that encapsulating them in a profile comment feels odd.

As for your speech to your guests, from watching certain members' forum activity over time I've been able to understand that feedback is really important for them, and if I were to stay with you or those other members, I’d be sure to leave feedback, but it may be that on a single hearing you were unable to impress your feelings on your guests.

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Post deleted

Post deleted

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"Just say 'great guest' How

"Just say 'great guest' How hard can that be?"

A lot of hospitality-exchange veterans would not consider feedback consisting of just "great guest" helpful, and would probably think it just as useful as no feedback at all. There is an expectation that feedback be detailed, and furthermore members often feel pressure that they have to make their feedback witty or something original beyond the feedback that the other person already has. With that pressure, it is no surprise that many members prefer to leave no feedback at all.

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Better than nothing at all

"Great guest" says much more than nothing at all. If anything, it verifies a contact. Unlike other hospitality organizations, has no way to show a verified exchange of hospitality. The best metric we have for this is the tool of feedback. I personally, I would rather see great guest listed in a person's profile than having no feedback at all

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Yes, how hard can that be? Sheeh! Grow up!

Anyone who is outgoing enough to request a stay at a strangers house should learn how to leae feedback. That is how this system works. It´s like sending a thank you note for a gift. Is that awkward? Learn how. It´s a life lesson. No excuse.

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Well, I consider it my duty

Well, I consider it my duty to leave feedback, it's the one thing apart from a well written profile/request that others can use to decide if they will host or not.

We decide on hosting based on profile first then feedback (a good profile with the wrong kind of feedback, even positive feedback might still be a no), this is just so we get people that we feel will work with our house dynamics.

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Hosts who do not leave feedback.

I totally understand the idea of a host leaving feedback for all guests, to show a trail of that guest as a good guest. However, I admit to being a host who tends not to give feedback until I have had either feedback here, or a personal thankyou/followup from a guest. I just see that as part f the courtesy process from a guest. Over the past two years I think all my WS guests have had electronic gadgets to access wifi so it only takes a couple of minutes to write either a reference for, or a personal note to a host.

Something that I have really appreciated is getting the unexpected postcard from a guest, either later in their trip, or at the end of it. My best surprise, was the NZ cyclist who baked some homemade cookies after her trip had finished, and posted them a little packet of them to me, and presumably to other hosts as well. Awesomely thoughtful of her. :-D

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Point Well Taken!

I agree that most tour with electronic devices and can leave feedback as easily as they made initial contact! And yes, it is touching to get something in the snail mail, knowing well that the sender had to physically go to a post office and go through the trouble of international shipping!

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What about this situation?

I understand some frustration about both hosts and guests who do not post feedback. But a while back, we hosted a young guest who had clearly signed up to get free lodging, with no immediate intention of reciprocating. That I don't really mind, not everyone is in a position to reciprocate. But he contacted us on a Tuesday and we replied yes, he could stay with us on Friday and he should let us know about when he might arrive. Didn't hear anything from him until Friday at 5 when he was a couple of miles away. Turns out he had sent out a shotgun requests to multiple Tucson hosts, got about 5 positive responses, and showed up at the first house to answer the phone. I politely educated him that it was rude to contact a home then not show up or send a reply to them and he understood and I told him to immediately contact the rest. He was really a nice young guy but showed up without any food and we fed him dinner, a couple drinks, ice cream, breakfast and lunch the next day, after which we gently showed him the door. In summary .... he was just a young guy and new to using Warmshowers and I really didn't want to give him negative feedback. I wouldn't tell anyone not to host him and I think he got my message about not contacting multiple hosts then not confirming. In this case, I thought that saying nothing was best.

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I always leave feedback

I make it a point to always leave feedback. In this case I would maybe list the feedback as neutral. I would try to paint the picture as neutrally as you did in your post above. Writing about your experience and his naïveté is an honest review. Let the next host then decide what they choose to do with it.

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the confirmation.

Three easy steps:
1. Guest sends request with dates.
2. Host replies yes - asks guest for confirmation, details of arrival time etc.
3. Guest responds confirming

You don't have a guest until after point three.

It would've been nice for him to get back to the other members with a thankyou but he can't be blamed for hosts who unilaterally decide they have a confirmed guest after one enquiry. At least half the neutral and negative feedback on WS seems to be based on this misunderstanding, I think that is unfair as is giving neutral or negative feedback for imagined slights against other hosts (if I was one of those hosts who only heard from him once I wouldn't have felt at all aggrieved, without a confirmation I'm going to invest precisely 0 minutes in preparing for his stay).

Hosts, get on the three step program and find salvation.

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Point well taken

Point well taken, Paul. Living in a town with lots of warm showers hosts, I have become accustomed to receiving inquiries and then not hearing back again. But the newbie hosts look forward to having guests and I'm not sure they all understand. I do think that if a potential guest makes and inquiry and receives a positive response, they really should reply and say thank you but they found another host. Almost everyone has smart phones and if they want the benefits, they should suffer the burdens.

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You're right Linda many hosts

You're right Linda many hosts start out a little too eager and anxious, this topic comes up new again here every couple of months, and I understand, I was the same when I started out in hospex, but if this happens more than once to a host they really only have themselves to blame for not having an honest look at the problem.

And I agree, potential guests should get back with a thankyou if they've accepted an offer from elsewhere (but as a host who once routinely received aroud 1000 hospex requests per year I can tell you those who do that are in the minority). I just don't think it's their fault if some host is waiting for them to arrive somewhere when there was no confirmation and I don't think this merits negative or even neutral feedback (certainly if you have a confirmed guest who does a no show with no explanation, I think a negative reference is entirely suitable).

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I have had four cross country tours in five years, staying at 300 plus host homes, both Warmshowers and Couchsurfing. I am very conscientious about being the ideal guest and have never had a problem with anyone, yet the amount of Host feedback is about 35%, even with my leaving Feedback about my hosts on every occasion. ...Now that I think about it, I might change deodorent.

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"I'm just lazy "

I received a recent request to host a cyclist who only had 2 feedbacks. She has left 8. This made me suspicious as to why others failed to give her feedback. I became unsure if I should host this woman

I wrote the 6 hosts who did not write feedback for her. 3 replied and all agreed she was a wonderful guest. One said he was too lazy to leave feedback, and another said he hosts 150 people a year and usually doesn't leave feedback. It's frustrating that so many people don't take the time to leave feedback and communicate to the community

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Exactly, that is also

Exactly, that is also something I look for, whether the tourer is "missing" references. We all know the many people are reluctant to leave a negative or neutral and rather keep quiet.

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“another said he hosts 150

“another said he hosts 150 people a year and usually doesn't leave feedback.”

This member generously hosts 150 people a year, and you want to kvetch and demand even more of his time?

It’s important to keep in mind that the reason that a lot of people can be hospex superhosts, is that they strive to limit the amount of time they spend with guests and the amount of time they have to spend on the website. If they had to closely interact with 150 cyclists a year – or probably even just the several dozen guests a year I get through various hospex communities – then they’d burn out quickly. (My wife and I stayed with a few of these superhosts on past trips, and they quickly showed us and the other cyclists who came to a distant guest cottage where we could be out of sight and out of mind for them.) But a person who has hardly spoken to his/her guests is hardly going to be able to leave detailed feedback beyond “I hosted them, it was OK”, and so is the lack of feedback from these hosts really such a problem?

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I am talking about communication within our community. I live in a big city, on the busy Pacific Coast route, and I consider myself a super host. I make it a point to never be "too busy" to leave my guests or hosts feedback (and in most cases, include numerous pictures). Part of my hospitality as a host is to assist my guests in future hosting opportunities. By leaving great feedback for great people, I am doing that!

When I receive a request to stay from a member who has 75% of the feedback received that she has given, I am suspicious. I contacted the 6 previous hosts, and 5 responded. All 5 said she was a great guest. Had they said this on her feedback, I would have felt more comfortable accepting this guest. I could have not taken the time to contact these former hosts ad just decline the request. I just did not feel that was fair for this cyclist.

This community is based on a platform of communication. The stronger the communication, the stronger the community.

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Feedback is not a thank you note

I wonder if a lot of hosts think they have "done enough" without leaving feedback, operating on the principle that only the recipient of a gift is obligated to send a thank you note. I wonder if there is a way to make feedback (at minimum, a star rating) a mandatory part of the hospex exchange, or at least raise awareness that feedback in a hospex system is different to a thank you note.

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Negative Feedback

Man it is hard to leave negative feedback.. If a situation felt dangerous I would and that has never happened. I always leave positive feedback when appropriate.

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It takes all kinds.... I always give FB ,most recently BEFORE the Guest leaves, or before I leave as the Guest.

I just make a quick note, I can " upgrade" it later.

Most especially, I refuse to " gush" either way. To say someone is "interesting" is high praise from me....

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some strong feelings here

I don't really understand why people would feel so strongly for their feedback as some of the posts indicate. Of course I understand the importance of feedback in a hospitality network, but as long as I get enough to show that my profile has positive history and is active, the purpose is served. I think the majority of my guests left feedback but quite a number didn't. If it weren't enough I'd just ask every once in a while some to do so, explaining the above. I host to help out and out of personal interest, my feedback page is not a trophy wall that I need to maximize. Neither it is a measure of guests' gratitude, every single one expressed that in person.

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no, you don't understand Christian.

I don't think anyone here has mentioned a "...a trophy wall that I need to maximize..." . That is an offensive characterisation of the other Point of View to your own.

Maybe you could accept some diversity, and understand that some people find it counter-productive to the long term health of the WS when Members - probably out of ignorance - neglect the design features of the system.

I restrain myself from providing my characterisation of your position.

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WS was a successful

WS was a successful hospitality exchange network for years before Randy decided to bolt a reference system onto it. Why do you think it is such an essential design feature that you can criticize other members for deciding themselves whether or not to use it?

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Bicycle Fish,

Bicycle Fish,

I had read in another thread on the same topic somebody talking about "public gratitude". (Now I cannot find it again, which is embarrassing when trying to make a point).
Somebody wrote here "I don´t plan on hosting anyone who has not previously left feedback, in the future."
Guess what, I have felt disappointed in the past as well about guests omitting feedback. The only thing it did was to affect myself, negatively, by degrading my mostly very positive experience with those people and WS in general. And again, looking at my feedback page, one could tell its purpose is well served. Looking at others' involved in the topic it tends to be the same.

"Trophy wall" - while yes, thinking it over I didn't write this without the intention to challenge, I'm sorry, I was not aware it could come across as drastic as it appears it did to you. Pointing at strong feelings and stirring up even stronger feelings was obviously a major fail. I was mostly thinking of facebook and the sorts who refer to a public profile page where people leave feedback as a "wall".

"Maybe you could accept some diversity" - I have no clue where you take that from. Obviously everybody can think and act on feedback as they like, fair enough. I posted to maybe people reconsider what their purpose of feedback is. In my opinion, as an example, ruling out contacts because they don't seem to leave feedback not only misses the goal but shoots in the opposite direction. The system failed, nothing is learned and nothing improves.

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No feedback


i'm unhearthing this post (instead of making a new one). I'm pretty new on Warmshower but i have host / surf with many people in Cs and i'm willing do do it also in WS.

Currently on cycle trip. it appears that host don't really take the time for feedback. ( could be negative if needed ).  I've been hosted this 3 last weeks in Italy, Slovenie, Hungary, Slovakia ( 9 different host ).  Only one wrote me a feedback while i did it for everyone. how cyclist are supposed to behave in that matter ? I don't have any problem for finding hosts but still, i don't feel really good about that.

Any toughts ?

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I don't know what they think

I don't know what they think if they don't leave feedback. Perhaps it just means they didn't like you enough to say a positive feedback but have no concrete complaints  to make. On the other hand, it might just mean that they  can't be bothered. I shouldn't worry if i were you. If you have a few positive feedbacks on your page, you are probably clear and have nothing to worry about. If you really want feedback, perhaps you could ask your hosts to  do one for you. I have been asked by a guest to leave feedback and had no problem with it. Anyway if a host doesn't leave me feedback, i don't worry about it.  I assume they are busy and can't be bothered. The only ones i would worry about are if a host left you a negative feedback. I do get upset if a guest doesn't leave feedback because it interpret that as a lack of appreciation.

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Don't be discouraged

It is frustrating not to get feedback.  Still, it is a great experience and community.  Perhaps we could encourage each other upon departure to leave feedback?  I have not done this before, but will leave my guests with a request for feedback.  I am willing to give cyclists a break because of the difficulties of travelling.  I have enjoyed all my guests; I hope everyone has the same positive experiences.

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As a host, I say be grateful

As a host, I say be grateful that people are hosting you. Demanding anything more on top of that, like feedback, is too much. My own personal approach to hospitality exchange is that feedback systems are unnecessary and a waste of my time, so in most cases I prefer not to leave feedback at all. Exceptions are if the guest has no feedback on his profile at all and asks for feedback just so he/she can find a place to stay more easily in future. But if a cyclist already has 1–2 pieces of feedback on his profile, then why should he care?

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Don't be discouraged

It is frustrating not to get feedback.  Still, it is a great experience and community.  Encouraging each other upon departure to leave feedbackis a good idea.  I have not done this before, but will leave my guests with a request for feedback.  I am willing to give cyclists a break because of the difficulties of travelling.  I have enjoyed all my guests; I hope everyone has the same positive experiences.

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Ok i'll follow you on this.

Ok i'll follow you on this. Anyway as ai told, i don't have any problem for find host. it was just for knowlegde about WS as i am pretty new on this website. And i indeed don't want to bother any host or guest about that if he doesn't think about it himself. thanks for the answer.


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Please know that Warmshowers Administration strongly encourages feedback when ever there is a hospitality exchange.  

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