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Malaysia,Thailand,Cambodia,Vietnam and maybe Laos and Burma

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Malaysia,Thailand,Cambodia,Vietnam and maybe Laos and Burma

I am cycling north through the above countries and am looking for cycling companions for any of the various legs.I have not time limit or schedule so can fit in with other peoples plans.I will be in Siungapore this weekend ( 6/8/2015) and into Malaysia Monday heading north up the east coast.

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Cycling Myanmar!

I will be coming to Bangkok in the end of November and heading to Burma after getting visa.I plan to stay about 4 weeks in Burma and then heading to Laos.I am looking for a travel companion, especially for Burma.
When do you plan to cycle in Burma?

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My plans are super flexible.i

My plans are super flexible.i was looking to join an informal tour of Vietnam in November,so I would probably like to check out Burma before that.I am in Malaysia now and will probably be in Thailand in 3-4 weeks time.

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Cycling Burma

Hey Olga,

I start my SE-asia trip end of october in singapore. I also wanted to visit Burma, but a friend told me its to expensive there at the moment, because they do not have enough hotels for all the tourists coming now. To make it affordable you must share hotelrooms.
I usually prefer camping but I think is not possible there (or not allowed).
Maybe we can meet for the one or other leg of our trips.

Cheers, Gerald

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Gerald I`ve sent you a prv message.

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Hey Olga, i herd similar

Hey Olga, i herd similar things about it being a bit expensive for tourists before i went there, but didn't really turn out that way. sure it's maybe around 10 dolla for somewhere in Yangon, but when cycling you spend most of your time in-between these places, where it's like 3-5 dolla for a room. also we stayed in a couple of temples as well, where the monks were overjoyed to have us.

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Hi, My plans are not fully


My plans are not fully formed yet but was thinking to cycle up through Malaysia from mid November, through into Thailand (December) and then east to Laos and south (January) through Cambodia (February) before finishing in Bangkok and flying back to UK in Feb/March.

I don't have much cycle touring experience but that doesn't faze me. Will intend to stay in guesthouses rather than camp as would prefer not to carry the extra load.

I'm a good companion :) Might this schedule work for either of you at all?


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Hi Lucy, let me know if you

Hi Lucy, let me know if you need any information about cycling in Malaysia, such as places to visit, roads to take etc.There is a good Warmshowers scened here so you could probably spend most of your nights with hosts.You have to remember you are you north of the equator and it is very hiumid, and gets hot in the afternoon.I tend to leave early ( 6.30am) and cycle till around 11am , then stop for the day.The roads here are great, and the driving isn't bad ( by S E Asian standards anyway), just don't expect UK levels of skill and courtesy.Plus its very cheap for food and accomodation.

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Hi Andrew, Thanks for the

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the advice :) I'm very early on in my research but thinking that Malaysia would be a great place to travel, esp because of the prevalence of warmshowers hosts. Do you think it is possible for me to tour as a solo woman in Malaysia without much problem? I would not be camping.

Much appreciated,


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Hi Lucy, yes I think you

Hi Lucy, yes I think you should be okay touring here as a solo woman.You will probably find it easier getting hosted with WS hosts as a solo wona also.By not bringing camping gear you will save yourself a lot of weight, and free up pannier space.I would recommend bringing ear plugs and eye shades though.

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Thanks Andrew, that's good to

Thanks Andrew, that's good to know. Found this site on women cycling also that is very useful and encouraging


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Anyone keen to do 1 month

Anyone keen to do 1 month trip in January? mixing trains and cycling. I wanted to do Thailand, Cambodia and maybe Vietnam if there's still time.

I'm pretty chilled, I would prefer to stay in accommodation rather than camping.

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Hi Helena, I'll definitely be

Hi Helena,

I'll definitely be in the region in January, probably in northern Thailand or Laos at that time. I'll be touring around over a longer time period than you so may be less in a hurry to cover big distances, but let me know how your planning goes and if you have a route in mind.

I'll be cycling through Myanmar in December and then heading into Thailand/Laos/Cambodia (not so bothered about Vietnam) but I don't have a specific schedule in mind yet, other than I'll likely be touring until around March/April.

If you think that may work out then let me know and we can chat in more detail :)


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SE Asia

Hi Helena & Lucy,

I’ve got vague but developing plans to go on a 3 month cycling journey through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, most probably starting in January. I’ve done a fair bit of supported bicycle touring in Europe & New Zealand, and go touring regularly in Australia. I have no particular order or route in mind yet, so let me know if you’d like to cook up some plans!



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Hiya. Thailand

Hi I'm Ray from London just back from Southern Europe and now planning to go Southern Hemisphere. Thailand looks good in terms of fares at the moment and I know the region very well after having cycled there a few times. It's great! As is most of the region. Myanmar is not as expensive as you may be led to believe. I remember paying as little as £3 on a few occasions and never ever anything more than my tight budget allowed.
Anyways beginning of October til end of March is my plan. Plenty of time, may even take the tent.
If any/everyone wants to meet up for a while that would be great.
Laos is a place I'd happily return to.
If your local to London you may want to meet up and exchange thoughts/ideas.

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Hello Ray
I am flying to BKK mid Nov. I have five months. Would like to meetup and share the ride. Experienced bike traveler. Do you suggest I bring my camping gear? I didn't think it necessary. Your advice would be appreciated. Len

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Camping gear??

Hi. I chose not to bring camping gear although I did pack it and then unpack it. Sure it would be nice to have on the odd occasion where you find a national park campsite for instance (you can hire them) Whether in the mountains or on a beach (Thailand). In Laos where distances can sometimes be a little far between accommodations I may have used it.
You would effectively need just the inner tent anyhow which would deter the mosquitoes and remain coolish, keep your stuff contained. Tents are really cheap here ( almost disposable?).
I did bring my Trangia to reheat market food and a cuppa in the morning and I will probably purchase a straw type beach mat for the beach or when I wanna chill outside.
Hammocks are pretty good here too I bought one with a mosquitoes net incorporated for 500 baht (10£).
So personal choice really but I did,nt
Hope that helps.?

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Possible meet up

Hi. I'm going to Taiwan for month of October for solo trip, then I was thinking coming to Thailand in mid November, after stopping for some work in Hong Kong first.
I'm fully self supported, with over 15 years of experience cycling in Balkans, Canada and Eastern USA. Vegetarian, single, pansexual, no preference on companions' gender. I'm touring on a folding bike, so not super fast, but I usually do up to 100km/day. Don't mind taking buses/trains.
My plan is to cycle mid-Nov to mid-January, maybe even longer through Thailand, Laos and bit of Cambodia (Angkor Wat only, as I keep hearing horrible stories about people's experience in rest of Cambodia), but my itinerary is quite flexible. I don't mind cycling solo, but it would be nice to meet up with other people for some stretches.
Anyone interested in meeting up somewhere?

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Currently on East coast Malaysia

Hello! I'm a 23 year old guy from London, really easy to get along with and up for any kind of adventure, I am currently riding solo on the east coast of Malaysia heading up into Thailand in the next month or so. Will any of you guys be near me then? I'm happy to made up some KM to join someone! I've got my own tent, cooking equipment, hammock etc.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!

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Maybe meeting up

Hey Jacob. Let me know closer to the end of October where you're at. I'm thinking of flying in to Bangkok around Nov 10 or so. Maybe we could meet up somewhere there.

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Ill be in touch :)

Hey man, yeah sounds good, Ill let you know where I'm at towards the end of the month! Ill probably be close to the Thai border if not a little bit passed it further to the west side as there's a bit of fighting on the north eastern Malay/Thai border right now. So if you're happy to meet halfway somewhere we could potentially head north together?

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Sounds good man. Send me direct profile message, so we can exchange contacts and go from there.

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Thailand - Laos - Cambodia starting Nov 2015

Hi All,

I'm Jacek from Poland and I'll be starting my SE Asia cycling adventure beg of Nov. I'm planning to get a train out of BKK north and then spend some time cycling in the Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai and Nan provinces before heading to Laos around mid-Dec. Another 4 weeks in Laos and then crossing into Cambodia before heading back to Thailand around mid-Feb.

By the sound of it there will be quite a few of us in the area, so I hope our paths will cross at some point.

Greetings from snow-covered Cracow.


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Chiang Mai now...(Northern Thailand)

Hi Jacek and all.
Sounds good I'll definately be in Chiang Mai during the remainder of oct. and nov. Anyone in and/or around Chiang Mai please look me up for a coffee, a chat , a day trip , see if our plans merge or just to hang out.
Seems asif plenty of cyclist come through this way but it's unlikely you meet each other by chance.
Have fun getting here.

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Hey Ray
Hope all is well. I'm headed to Chiang Mai from Kanchanaburi. If you would like to meetup let me know. Len

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Sure! let me know.

Not in CM at the moment but am headed back there myself so let's keep in touch

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Me tooo

Also my plans will bring me in this region- it seems that I don't have to worry to find a companion! Great- I can't wait to take off!
I will arrive in BKK mid december- so see you soon!

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Chiang mai

Anyone here yet?? 5/nov/2015

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Chiang mai

I'm in Chiang Mai if anyone wants to meet up to have a chat ,coffee ,beer ,mull-over plans plans

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Thai no.

097-234-5593 That's me

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy

Hey yall. Good to find a current thread of bikers going to the area. I'm headed to yangon or bangkok (still muddling through the visa process) at the end of December-ish and planning on putting around myanmar, thailand, laos, cambodia, and maybe vietnam for 3-4 months at least. Will be packing camp gear for some off the path adventuring when possible but probably staying at guest houses or hotels a lot. Real plans are pretty non existent thus far but big ideas are swirling around my head. Will post back when I figure out a start point at least, but it would be sweet to rendezvous with some of you fine folk over there.

Happy pedaling

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Towards Laos

Anyone from Chiang Rai to on? I arrive in Chiang Rai on Friday and start cycling to Laos, slowly towards Luang Prabang. Anyone in the area right now?

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Northwest Thailand now

Hello Friderika,

I would like to join you, but I am a bit too far away now.
In about five days I arrive in Chiang Mai, then I go for Laos,
wanna cross at Muang Ngeun. From there I go probably to Luang Prabang and head south again then.
Lets keep in touch, maybe we meet on the road.
Cheers, Gerald

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In Chiang Mai now, going to Laos in few days

Anyone here in Chiang Mai right now? My visa expires in soon and I'm debating should I extend it or not. Gerald, how long you plan to stick around once you get to Chiang Mai? I don't mind continuing by myself, but I've been soloing for 5 months now, it would be good to have a cycling compagnon for at least few weeks.

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Non sticky...

Hey Boban,

I just go on, I feel I am running out of time for all the things I wanna do/see.
I could shorrcut now to Chiang Mai (in Mae Sariang right now), but I somehow feel attracted by all the climbing before / after Mae Hong Son. Lets keep in touch, would be nice to meet here or in Laos.
Do you know Olivier from Montreal by any chance? Three years ago we cycled Patagonia together (a bit).

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I'm keep going East

Okay. I'm gonna keep going on Monday, probably by bus to Laos border, then continue cycling to Luang Prabang. Message me at some point, maybe we can meet up in Laos. I'll be making my way south, toward Cambodia.
Re: Olivier, I don't think I know that particular one.
Safe riding. Cheers.

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Hey, just wanted to let y'all know my sister and her husband are cycling in Laos right now (started their tour in Iceland!). Her blog is at if you want to see where they are right now.

Happy pedaling to all!

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Anyone near bangkok?

Finally arrived and am trying to decide whether to go south toward singapore or north to laos or go into myanmar first. Has anyone cycled south down the peninsula? How was the ride? I'm hoping for lots of open beaches to camp on (with coconut trees!?) and fewer developed resorts. Would like to find some biker buddies to ride with if anyone is in the area!


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