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nuisance posting

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nuisance posting

Hello Warm Showers community,
This last week I cycled west from Portland, OR. I intended to make it to Astoria, OR. To that end I messaged a WS member by the name of "John Colin Ross Eckert". His posting states he does not live in Astoria, that his parents do and they enjoy hosting bicyclists. There is a phone number listed. Mr Eckert has a 0% response rate to email messages.

So I called the number. When I finally got through the person answering the phone patiently explained that the Eckert family -used- to have that number, but they do not any more. That person requested their phone number be deleted from the WS list. (Mine was not the first call they had received.)

It being that Mr John Eckert has never responded to an email message from this list and that his parents no longer have that phone number it is my opinion that his listing is now simply a nuisance listing. I respectfully request his listing be updated to at least remove that phone number.

Thank you,
Gerhardt Quast
Portland, OR

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Gerhard, you are remarkably

Gerhard, you are remarkably restrained;

There are many nuisance, or even bogus, so_called Members like this

A simple Report button/feature that other websites often use would help to eliminate them

The WS has always been ¨inclusive¨but now to an excessive degree, I believe;

Thank you for your post , you are part of the solution !

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