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Africa in 2016

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Africa in 2016

Hi fellas,

I'm planning to cycle through Africa in 2016 and looking for companions.
Start will be in Cape Town in the first or second week of May (I don't have the exact date yet).

The plan is to start in South Africa, continue to Namibia and Botsuana and then head to north via Zambia, Tansanie, Kenia. From there I (we) can decide, where to go.
I got one year of from my job, so I think, this will be enough time to make it.

Some words about me:

I am a 30 years old german guy, who speaks german, english and a few words of french. I'd appreciate, if you speak at least english or german.

About you:
I don't care about gender, age, skin color or something else. The most important thing is symathy.
Travelexperience (especally africa) is preferred.

Who would cycle with me?
Send me a mail (or answer here)

Thank you


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dragons spine?

Hi daniel what about this route?

Than im your man!!!


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Africa 2016

I want to do the excact same route, and I'm planning it right now - The only problem is, the earliest I can leave is August 2016. Plz PM me, and we can figure something out! I would really like going with you
Best regards Jonas

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Hey guys and girls,

Hey guys and girls,

thanks for all the messages and invitations to join you.
I've found a companion here.

Thank you