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My picture disappeared

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My picture disappeared

Suddenly I cannot see my profile picture anymore...
Thanks for helping me out here.
Best regards,

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Uploaded picture was invalid

Somehow the picture you had associated with your account was invalid and couldn't be processed by the graphics processor into the various other sizes. I don't know how this could have happened if you didn't just upload a new picture... Anyway, I downloaded your picture and was unable to process it locally on my mac either, so I went ahead and uploaded the partial edit that I was able to do. But you'll want to upload a new picture. Let me know if you have any trouble.

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Hi Randy,
Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes, that's very strange, no? For sure cause I uploaded the picture just after a travel on Canary Islands two years ago and until now it was always shown on my profile. Maybe it can not handling my activity on warmshowers? (just joking) I'll upload it again, no problem.
Thanks and best regards,