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Looking for advice getting from Charles de Gaulle to a starting location

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Looking for advice getting from Charles de Gaulle to a starting location

I am flying into Charles de Gaule on July 1 with the plan to tour around France/Italy for 2-3 months. I would like to get out of the airport to a country location to then set up the bike and start heading towards the Alps to hopefully catch some of the Tour de France. There is no set itinerary other than heading south east. I am hoping to be able to avoid going into Paris if possible. It is proving challenging figuring out trains at CDG other than those that go into Paris or TGV. One map implies a local train goes to Crecy la Chappelle, is that a good option? Was also wondering if I could get a train to Eurodisney and then try and head out from there. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Getting out of Charles de Gaulle Airport
This is a very good website with directions and photos from Charles de Gaulle airport into Paris. Although you do not want to go into the city, the route gets you into open country very quickly. You could easily veer off at a convenient point.

Just trying to get to the end of the road
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Need more information
Hi, We are a couple with an 18th month kids leaving for a year by bike (France-Spain-Morocco, Than east of Europe). We are also arriving by plane to Charles de Gaules. If I understand well what it's written, it means that we can exit by bike from Charles de Gaule. Then are bike accepted on train ? Is there a train that accept bikes ? Let me know please. I am mixed up. Jean
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trains & bikes in France
My comments are about bikes and trains generally in France ..... Almost all TGVs have bike storage but only for 4 bikes per RAM! a train normally has 2 RAMs. The RER (regional trains) may have space, or it may not!. It seems very hit & miss and what ever anyone tells you there will always be a big doubt until you actually get to the train. They charge 10E/bike and are only compatible with standard bikes i.e. tandems, trikes, recumbents & trailers may be refused! access. -> good luck!
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Getting from CDG to the French Countryside
Janene, I did something like this about 3 years ago and simply took the RER train into Paris, changed trains and went to a smaller town just outside of Tours and we started our ride from there. The ride into Paris added maybe 1/2 hour to the trip. Other things to consider: The airport is in the NE corner of town My map shows train tracks heading North that are about 3/4 of a mile East of the airpoort but are not connected to the tracks at the airport. Overlaying the RER Map over my Mapsource Map it looks like if you take the RER about 2 miles to the station at Aulnary sous Bois that another railroad track heads NE from there and the RER goes to several of the Military bases in that direction. My guess is that from there you could be far enough out to start riding. The closest main hub train station to the CDG airport is Gare du Nord which is about a 10 minute train ride and from there you can catch trains to much of the French countryside. It's not that common to have a national hub for trains right in the airport. You can also use the aerial maps on Google to zoom in on the roads to get an idea of how wide they are. Here's a link on to biking out of CDG: . . . Have fun - Saul . . Saul Kinderis (425)402-3426 POB 2221, Bothell, WA, 98041 trip photos at:
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From CDG to Eurodisney
hello If you want to go and see Disneyland, the best way is to take the RER from CDG till the center of Paris, Chatelet les Halles, and here change of RER, take the red line till Eurodisney. Then to go out you can take on your right the little road D406 going bak to Paris, and a few km later turn on your left on the road D231 till Provins beautiful old town. then after buy a map Michelin and folow the very little roads as much as you can, these are in white on the map. avoid the red one, with a lot of traffic. Anyway dont try to get out of CDG by bike you cant. you have to take the RER al least till Aulnay sous bois and there ghange to go to Mitry Claye. From ther you cn bike without danger. good treap Pierre my site :