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Bosnia and Croatia. September 2015

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Bosnia and Croatia. September 2015

Hello all,

I am starting soon (around Sept 17th) a trip through Bosnia and Croatia.

Tentative itinerary is: Zagreb -> Jasenovac -> Banja Luka -> Mrkonjic Grad -> Donji Vakuf -> Sarajevo -> Mostar -> Makarska -> Split

Those are not necessarily all the stops. I plan to do between 50-80km a day, and maybe stop for a rest day or two in Sarajevo.
I have no set date for finishing.

I would be happy to hear from someone who would like to join, or cycling by, or that may have done similar trip before.

-- Caio

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On my way to Zagreb...

Hi Caiokf,

I am currently in Prague and are on my way to Zagreb. But, unfortunately, I wont be there when you plan to leave. But I am planning to go down the coast of Croatia, so maybe I will meet you on your way back to Croatia :)

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