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Weird new problem when I submit forms

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Weird new problem when I submit forms


So lately on warmshowers, every time I submit a form, it doesn't load the new page. For example, if I respond to a message, or submit feedback. The message gets sent and the feedback gets posted, etc, but instead of going to the next page, where I can see that my form has been sent, it just shows up blank and the URL says "about:blank". Usually I just erase it, and type again, and I will still be logged in and able to see that my messages sent and all. But its kinda weird. I thought it was a temporary bug but it keeps happening all week, and for some reason I've had like 5 requests this week so I've been using WS more. Any idea why this happens? I admit, my computer and browser are very very old and I don't use a smart phone, so it could be my crappy tech. Just letting ya know...


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and yes, it did it also for

and yes, it did it also for posting this. Weee! and it will probably do it again... right now!

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That hasn't been happening to

That hasn't been happening to me - what OS and browser are you using? Have you tried with a different browser?