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Camping vs. B&B in Loire Valley?

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Camping vs. B&B in Loire Valley?

We are planning to follow Eurovelo 6 across France and Germany to Budapest. Eurovelo 6 generally follows the course of the Loire in France. I read one opinion that the cost of B&Bs along the Danube in Germany so close to the cost of camping as to make the effort of carrying camping gear unjustified. How does the cost of camping in the Loire Valley and France more generally compare with the cost of B&Bs?

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Dépend on thé season but I

Dépend on thé season but I prefer campground as I have more freedom to change my plan
In hight season B&B must ne book on advance

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BnBs on eurovelo6

My wife, a friend and I rode from Istanbul to St Nazaire the summer of 2014. We followed the Danube from the Bulgarian/Romanian border and used Eurovelo 6 to France's Atlantic coast. We used cheap hotels from Istanbul to Hungary but the first night in Austria was a huge jump in prices. After Vienna we camped whenever we could to keep the costs down. Later when cycling across Normandy we were able to afford hotels for quite a few nights - the prices in France didn't seem too bad and we'd saved money by camping so much earlier in the tour.

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hi. I've always use Municipal

hi. I've always use Municipal campsites in France and around the western loire area. most larger villages have one as they are proud of welcoming campers/tourists. I think the most i ever paid was around 8 euros! All have basic amenities but some are very proud of their welcome and are spotless! check out this (sorry cant insert link). Huw

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Camping, definitely

We are planning on doing the Loire route as well, and have only heard good things about the municipal campsites. 8-12 euros/night for a family of four. Plus the freedom and flexibility of carrying your own camping gear (not HAVING to be at a certain city by a certain time in order to check in to a B&B you HAD to book the night before) is priceless. Take your gear, you won't regret it.

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Municipal Campgrounds

Thanks for the info. Do you know whether, or to what extent, one can rely on finding a shower at the muni campground?

What's your trip? How far do you expect to go?

Happy trails.

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From everything we have heard all municipal campgrounds have toilets, showers, and washing areas. Some have just these amenities; but others have wifi, mini golf, swimming pools, beer gardens, restaurants, etc. Here's an overview:

We are traveling east to west along the Loire from Basel to Nantes, probably around August-September. Maybe we'll see you on the road!

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living in France, i confirm that municipal campings are far cheaper that B&B along the Loire.
And they all (or not so far) propose warm showers included.

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Hi Jerry - We spent three

Hi Jerry - We spent three months in France last year including most of Eurovelo 6 and camped every night except two.Totally concur with the comments above. Camping Municipal sites are the best places to stay along the Loire (and in France in general). They're usually in great locations, very economical and well-run/welcoming establishments. Only minor issues are that they rarely have camp kitchens (but with the money you save you can eat out if your budget allows) and there is generally no toilet paper in the loos - so don't forget to take your own :) If you were travelling on your own, they could be a little lonely, especially out of season, but you said 'we' so I assume you have company. Also, it could be worth taking a lightweight camping chair (like the ones that you can insert your Thermarest/inflatable mattressinto) so that you have somewhere to sit as some of them don't supply tables/chairs. Enjoy - we absolutely loved it!

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Camping in France

Thank you for the info. We're planning to eat in restaurants mostly to avoid carrying cooking gear. We will be three, my wife and an old friend. We've been riding together so long, none of have anything new to say to each other anyway, so loneliness isn't a problem, it's a relief.! I'm looking forward to the camping.

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re eating in France

We've cycled the Loire a couple of times and always look for the 'menu du jour', the meal of the day, lunchtime at small local places where the workers go, food is amazing and very good value, much cheaper than the nightime meals.