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Cycling through Ireland- in May

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Cycling through Ireland- in May

Hi all....I'm looking for some advice, tips, suggestions etc.

We are heading to Ireland May 2-22, arriving and departing Dublin.

We are strongly considering bringing our bikes- it's apparently a lot cheaper than renting bikes. We have never done any international touring and so we have a lot of questions.

1) can we possibly put our bikes on a bus or train if we get burnt out?
2) people keep cautioning us that the roads are quite dangerous, are they too dangerous?
3)what is unmissable ?
4) what advice can you offer a pair of newbies?


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Definitely bring your own

Definitely bring your own bikes. Rental bikes are generally either poor quality or expensive for a long trip. Generally avoid US airlines with bikes, they tend to charge more. Aer Lingus is usually ok with bikes.

1) Trains: It depends on the train and route - most will take bikes, but some you have to book in advance. Check out for details. For buses, the general rule is that the driver has discretion. In most cases they will take a bike unless the bus and its luggage hold are very full.

2) No, not dangerous so long as you take precautions - in coastal and tourist areas there are plenty of bikes on the road. The main problem is choosing routes - some country roads are very busy and so uncomfortable for cycling - you need to plan carefully, sticking to minor roads where possible. If unsure, go to google street view - roads with hard shoulders are nearly always fine to ride.

3) Nothing really, depends on where you are going, its all about the journey. But I would suggest not missing the Burren/Cliffs of Moher area, the roads are great for cycling and the views amazing, with lots of nice little villages. The Wild Atlantic Way is mostly a driving route, but its almost all suitable for cycling, it covers some very beautiful areas.

4) Bring rain gear and suncream and drinking boots.

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Philip! Thanks so much for all your help! We can't wait to meet you next month!

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The ride from Killarney to

The ride from Killarney to Dingle is quite nice, and from Dingle a loop around Slea Head is spectacular. Haven't ridden outside of the Kerry area but can certainly recommend it there.
Last year Irish Rail were charging 10 Euros per bike on the train. Bus drivers were quite helpful loading bikes underneath.

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Hi Warren!

Thanks so much for the tips! I wasn't finding much info about loading the bikes onto the buses! So I really appreciate that. We've heard so many good things about Dingle, so we are going to get there for sure!

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