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Donating without PayPal?

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Donating without PayPal?

Hi Folks,
is there any other way to donate other than PayPal?

I really would like to support this community, after just having made some great experiences with nice hosts.
BUT I'm not willing to create a PayPal-account, sorry.

Please let me know.

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You know that you don't have to open a paypal account to donate via paypal. You could use any credit card. Paypal -- understandably, I think -- makes it look like you might need to join up; that's because they really want people to join their scheme, it's their business. But, they don't force you to. Be observant as you pass through the windows and you'll see a path to use any credit card. Of course, if you mean that you don't want to use a credit card either, then I think the answer may be "No, you can't donate any other way." Maybe there's a way to send a check, I don't know.

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Can their gateway without

Can use their gateway without begin an members of PayPal, with any credit card.


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