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Hosting those with no Profile Pictures

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Hosting those with no Profile Pictures

How do people feel about hosting others who do not have a profile picture?

Of the 91 new members who joined the community on April 10, 2016, 55 people did not have profile pictures while only 36 did (one profile picture was of a glass of wheatgrass).

I have a firm rule of not hosting travelers who do not have a picture in their profile. I feel that if you are wanting me to take you into my home, that you would be respectful enough to take the time to present yourself well. How do others feel about this?

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I am with you on this. We

I am with you on this. We wouldnt host people without photos.

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A good photo and a telling profile

I agree that these are very important aspects of the initial consideration to host or be hosted.
Someone who can not manage to present themselves effectively says much, if only by its omission.

I think a portrait should be mandatory, and more of the basic info should be in a required fill in form.
Also annual profile updates should be considered because outdated info is nearly useless.

Now that we can add multiple photos, I think the first should offer a clear face shot, and then any of the other fun stuff that builds the "character" can be added afterwards.

Our profiles are after all, our application, introduction, and initial interview for a valued position.
I think it should be treated as such.

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We also prefer a photo and a

We also prefer a photo and a bit of history from those requesting a stay. It is very helpful, or assuring.

Oddly enough our photo disappeared when there was a big change-over here. Our history and photo ... poof.

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I really have appreciated it when those sending a request have sent a link to their blog or Facebook page. I don't think I have ever said no to anyone based on their profile or the information that is sent but having some information ahead of time makes me more prepared to host them.

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Facebook and Blogs

I can understand how any extra information would be appreciated, but I myself don't do facebook at all because I know how it can be so faux... and I don't usually have time to blog on tour because I am more concerned about finding hosts, directions, avoiding bad conditions, engaging with my hosts or doing maintenance tasks.

This is why I value a well written WS profile... and a clear photo.

If a prospect can not take a half hour to make a useful presentation here, then their facebook story isn't going to matter to me much.

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Kathryn, that would earn you

Kathryn, that would earn you extra points with this host - the prospect of being able to later recall the geniune interactions I had with a guest rather than distracted replies from behind a screen is always a bonus in my book. And I agree sending a Facebook link rather than spending some time filling out one's profile and writing a personable message is just lazy (not to mention presumptuous). It doesn't happen so much on WS thankfully but I have it in my profile on CS that it will result in an automatic no.

(From another who ekes out a social existence outside the walled city of Facebook).

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I did not say "rather than".

I did not say "rather than". I said that I have appreciated it when a person has sent a link to their Facebook page or blog.

Please don't use your distaste for Facebook to read things into my post.

A well-written profile is always useful. Obviously, I have nothing against that. But when someone is asking to stay here and has a link to add to their request, a more full picture is available to the host and I have appreciated it the times when it has been offered.

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It does appear that most of

It does appear that most of us do like to see a Photo of the person we are hosting. Maybe this should be a stipulation when joining WS.

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No pictures, no address, hardly any personal info...

If I get a request for a stay overnight I first have a look at their WSL-account:
--description of their personal life, profession, hobby's, preferences, cycle experience, age, expectations, etc .

My 'host intuition' says if these data are enough to say "Yes, you are welcome".
Means "welcome, according my conditions. See my WSL-account.

Recently I got a request of somebody who just had an address in some wide "arrondissement" in Paris, only described what kind of musical instruments he played and came with an unknown friend who was no WSL-member.

To be short: I knew almost nothing about this 1-week-new-WSL-member and knew nothing about his friend.

This kind of requests is rejected by me by a lack of information.
I just want to get a reasonable idea of the people who ask for shelter at my home.
Next to that I like to ENJOY the visit of those guests.
I am not a free hotel, nor a restaurant. Their stay must be a festivity for me too.
My effort and time consists of two personally prepared meals, a long evening filled with mutual travel stories, goodies and a good feeling for all of us.

Enough to be selective in requests.

Peter de Visser
The Netherlands

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No pictures, no address, hardly any personal info..

I totally agree with you Peter de Visser. I have said no to some people who when I looked at their WS account looked like they were just couch surfing..

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As a family we added this to

As a family we added this to our profile:
"All our guests needs a decent profile with information about you and a picture"

In certain cases we reach out to people who contact us and ask for more information, as we don't consider "Gender, Age, I cycle" as a good description, and as much as I like a nice bike picture, it does not give us much to go on about you when all we see is a picture of your touring rig :D

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Poor profile, lower chance of finding a host

I do not understand why touring cyclists do not put a bit more effort in advertising themselves. I now got a short request, profile in a language that I do not read. Portrait was there, but only as a few pixels in a corner, at first I had not even seen it. No references. I already hosted a few this summer, I doubted that I would enjoy hosting this guy. I was close to declining.

Then I googled him. Seems like an excellent person to host anyway: his profile on Couchsurfing has friends saying very nice things about him, I saw some interesting things that he made and wrote. So I offered to host. And now I am looking forward to meet him because I have an impression.

I would guess more hosts are like this at the end of the season, getting more selective. A photo is not the most important thing, but in this case it showed that this WS requester was the same guy as the creative guy.

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Hosting those with no Profile Pictures

I don't care much about a picture in the profile. But I like to read a few sentences about the life, the kind of touring and especially about the host-offerings of a potential guest. Someone who already hosted WS-guests and gets a good review will defenitely get a place to stay here. If her/his face is ugly or nice, if her/his clothes looks exensive or well used shouldn't make a difference!


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Would you really not host me because you can't see my face?

I have 18 glowing feedbacks (feedsback?) from guests I have hosted, and a long profile discussing my relationships with bicycles, with traveling, and with traveling by bicycle. My profile photo shows my touring bike silhouted against my city. My bike is prettier than I am! It's hard to see how deciding not to host me because you cannot see my face is anything other than racism or ageism.

I agree that people who want to stay in my house should offer something of themselves so I can decide whether to accept. If my profile isn't enough, you can google me or my partner, and you'll quickly find active presences that will convince you we are real (and probably trustworthy) people. I've googled prospective guests if their profile is insufficient. If they have no profile in or out of warmshowers, I'm unlikely to say yes. But I don't need to see a photo.

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Hosting those with no Profile Pictures

I would not have a problem hosting somebody that did not have a profile picture, (face picture), IF when I look at their profile page I see reviews or if they have been members for awhile. Some of us are not too photogenic so I do not not see that as a hard no. But if I look at a profile that shows that they have been a member for very short time, nothing about what they are doing, then I might tend to say no. That comes off, to me, like somebody is using us to couch surf.

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