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Germany, Czecz Republik and Poland - April/May

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Germany, Czecz Republik and Poland - April/May

Hi guys!!!

I'm 30y old Pole. I'm planning to have a nice bike trip within borders of Poland, Germany and Czech Republic between 28.04 and 4.05. Probably I will go with my friend, but not sure. The main goal is to see Saxon Switzerland and Czech (Bohemian) Switzerland both extremely beautiful (that's what i've heard and read, let's check it!). The plan is following: from Dresden (getting there by train) through Saxon and Czech Switerland to Poland (south-west corner). Sleeping: in tents on campings (possibly 1-2 times in bungalow or even b&b). Daily: not more than 75 km. No extreme effort but still not to get bored:) And marvelous landscapes!

If you want to join just let me know.