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Europe to Australia and possibly beyond; from March 2017

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Europe to Australia and possibly beyond; from March 2017

"Life is not the number of days you live; it's the number of days you remember."

I've always been intrigued by the rest of the world, by what's outside of my little circle of the planet I've been living in. That's why, since being a kid, I've been reading national geographic and other magazines, spending countless hours watching documentaries about nature and different people, researching the map of the world on my wall...By discovering that now you can easily travel around the world and experience those things you've been reading and watching about, I've been hooked! With the above quote in mind, and my love for bicycles, I plan to embark on a journey of a lifetime, my lifetime at least. :)

The journey will be slow paced, with no strict plan, just going with the flow... :) As I'm not from a rich country nor have rich parents, the budget will be tight; a lot of camping, cooking food, warmshowers/couchsurfing, volunteering, staying with local people. Taking longer, scenic routes, off-roads and by-roads is implied. :)

Route: from Europe (Croatia) towards east, through Turkey, Iran, the Stans, China (Tibet?), SEE Asia, Australia... That's the furthest I would go with planning; but after Australia, probably South America. :)

“Happiness only real when SHARED.”

It would be great to do it by myself, but I think Mccandless was right and that's why I'm looking for somebody to share this journey with me. It doesn't matter who are you or where are you from just as long your heart is in the right place. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you, companion. :)



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greetings from northern Iran

Hi Mario,

great plan!

we can accompany you in Iran. looking forward to seeing you!

Farid volunteer

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Europe to Australia

Hi Mario,


had I read this earlier I would have wanted to join you. How far have you reached now an dis everything going alright?


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Dobar dan Mario

Cao Mario

ako dolazis u Melbourne,Australia javi se ,

imas misto kod mene ,plus ja sam mejicar za bicikil

svako dobro i srecan put

Happy travells