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Hey all just riding through Missola in a few days . need maybe a place to stay a night and im wondering how hard it would be to get some ROHLOFF speed hub seals ??? its done 5000miles and leaking oil badly
cheers GREG

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Where is it leaking from? If

Where is it leaking from? If it is leaking out of the drain screw, then you probably forgot to remove some of the excess air with a syringe. That’s a common thing. Also, the screw threads should be dabbed with an oil-tolerant Loctite version, otherwise the seal isn't tight enough to prevent oil leakage if the air pressure within the hub is greater than ambient pressure. In any event, Rohloff says that once the internal gears are coated in a film of oil, you can safely finish your tour even if excess oil leaks out. The amount of oil used in each oil change is intentionally much more than necessary.

If the oil is leaking from anywhere else, then that’s probably a warranty issue and your hub is taking a trip to Germany.

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Wish we had a "Like" button,

Wish we had a "Like" button, Christopher. I don't know anything about the technical side of these but I sure would be glad to see your answer if I was the cyclist who posted the question. I'm sure someone else will be along to answer directly about bike shops/resources along the way. Really appreciate the community here!

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Was thinking how well he wrote!

As well as: does a poster's low Response rate inhibit replies?

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Hay Greg, I live South of Missoula about 60 miles. If you are unable to get anyone else I can come p and get you then put you up for a night or two no problem. We can check with the bike shops if you need one and see what can be done for your ROHLOFF (I don't know anything about them). If you are interested let me know and I can get the info from you and start chasing down the parts or whatever else you may need.

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I recommend contacting host

I recommend contacting host Bruce Anderson in Missoula if you need place to stay while you service your hub. Great host.

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Rohloff seals

I am having an oil change kit sent to me via general delivery. Goggle They are in California and very helpful. I'll get the change kit in Dickenson, North Dakota. They priority mail mail to you. Good luck Steve via sakamo2