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Cycling from Campinas to Rio de Janeiro this July. Join me or host me?

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Cycling from Campinas to Rio de Janeiro this July. Join me or host me?

Hi guys,

I'm planning to cycle from Campinas to Rio on July 15th to August 4th. Staying in Rio during the Olympics until end of August. Staying in Sao Paulo in September until the 16th.

Calling for anybody who wants to join, or anybody who wants to host!

Here are my planned pit stops:

14 Portland
15 Los Angeles
15 Houston
16 Guarulhos
17 Campinas
18 Campinas
19 Salto
20 Sorocaba
21 Sao Roque
22 Sao Paulo
23 Sao Paulo
24 Sao Paulo
25 Mogi das Cruzes
26 Sao Jose dos Compos
27 Taubate
28 Guaratingueta
29 Cunha
30 Paraty
31 Rio Mambucaba

1 Angra dos Reis
2 Mangaratiba
3 Santa Cruz
4 Rio de Janeiro
5 Rio de Janeiro
6 Rio de Janeiro
7 Rio de Janeiro
8 Rio de Janeiro
9 Rio de Janeiro
10 Rio de Janeiro
11 Rio de Janeiro
12 Rio de Janeiro
13 Rio de Janeiro
14 Rio de Janeiro
15 Rio de Janeiro
16 Rio de Janeiro
17 Rio de Janeiro
18 Rio de Janeiro
19 Rio de Janeiro
20 Rio de Janeiro
21 Rio de Janeiro
22 Rio de Janeiro
23 Rio de Janeiro
24 Rio de Janeiro
25 Rio de Janeiro
26 Rio de Janeiro
27 Rio de Janeiro
28 Rio de Janeiro
29 Rio de Janeiro
30 Rio de Janeiro
31 Rio de Janeiro

1 Sao Paulo
2 Sao Paulo
3 Sao Paulo
4 Sao Paulo
5 Sao Paulo
6 Sao Paulo
7 Sao Paulo
8 Sao Paulo
9 Sao Paulo
10 Sao Paulo
11 Sao Paulo
12 Sao Paulo
13 Sao Paulo
14 Sao Paulo
15 Sao Paulo
16 Guarulhos
17 Portland
18 Portland

Please provide any suggestions and advice, I'm barely a year as a cyclophile, and Brazil is so new to me.

I'm a happy-go-lucky Malaysian studying at Oregon State University and a good cook. Love cats and people.

Cycled 1000km last December from Corvallis to San Francisco. 450km last March to Seattle.

Looking forward for replies!

Love and cheers from afar,

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Hi Ean,

Hi Ean,

That stretch of Costa Verde you'll be doing really is lovely - on one side Atlantic forest sweeping down from above, and the other, perfect crescent bay after perfect crescent bay (except for the one with the nuclear reactor)... butterflies, waterfalls, some friendly coastal towns to rest up in (I remember one little fishing village called Tarituba I think, I stayed in a crazy cheap chalet at the far end of the bay, not much going on there really but a great place to mellow out) , and surprisingly little traffic (though that may not be the case during the Olympics).

Brazil probably caused more stress as a cyslist than any other country I've toured in, of course things vary throughout the country depending on road conditions, population density etc but take a mirror and ride very defensively to start with until you get the hang of things. Truck drivers seem to believe that there is no good reason for them to move an inch for a cyclist (even on spacious two lane highways they will just hang on the far right) I was forced off the road numerous times. Don't let this put you off, I seem to recall most of my problems being the other side of Rio, but be cautious and keep an eye on approaching trucks.

As for hosts, you'll have a better chance using the map or list search and making personal requests to those who have reasonable response rates and some prior evidence of hosting in their feedback (I'm hoping you already have accommodation sorted for that month in Rio).


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Hi and thank you so much Paul

Hi and thank you so much Paul. Appreciate it!

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