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Taqwa Core Wonderlust Albuquerque Pyrate Punk.

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Taqwa Core Wonderlust Albuquerque Pyrate Punk.

Hello. I am a Ohio born, New Mexico distilled Punker from the crazy but never dull, Albuquerque New Mexico. I am a Syrian Muslim train hopper, hitch hiker, and all around traveler kid who wants to experience that euphoric and fearful excitement as I did on all my journeys of "First Times" via transportation ive yet to experience. Bicycling!

I recently picked up my first Vintage 80s Schwinn World Tour bike and have been conditioning to make a tri state first run. Im doing this to break down those false social stigmas and classist stereo types that trouble our society and make it hard for people to be happy and be able to accept everyone of all races, religions, gender and sexual orientations, and above all, yourself. I look like a gutter punk who probably stole that bike, but give me a chance to talk, and verify my property, youll discover that there is just another like minded, intelligent, and "real" person inside that spiked and studded ball of a creature. Im riding from Albuquerque New Mexico all the way to New Port Beach California to re-live my first ever hitch hiking trip with my beloved best friend, Zamboni, The Coyote Doogle who taught me how to be and love myself. My Amigo is now in that great Ice Rink above looking down on me. This ones for you buddy. Im never alone on the road with you in my heart. Together, we fear nothing!

This is my first big cycle venture so I am green as the grass. I am also paying for this out of my own dusty, moth infested pockets, so I am hoping to find companions, advice, and spare gear to help ease this trip and make it fun the whole time through. I have nothing I really need for this trip. Im really in need of saddle bags and or a"tune-up" crash coarse. Many will be quick to tell me not to do this if I am ill-equipped, but I am as stubborn as a mohawked mule, so falter, I will not. Im beggening my journey from Edgewood New Mexico along the Old Highway 66 westward. Feel free to drop me a line. Any help will be greatly appreciated, but of course, I do not expect a thing but the lessons to learn from the road itself. Thank you all who have read this, maybe we will meet on the road somewhere. Wish me luck!

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Hi Domonic

Hi Domonic

I don't think you'll find that there'll be many quick to tell you not to do this (at least no on these forums).


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Are you posting a journal of this trek anywhere online?