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I just want to tell all of you about some of us who may have e-bikes so that you will not be prejudiced against us!

I'm a 60 year-old small woman who tries desperately to stay in shape. I'm working on becoming a personal trainer and I teach some exercise classes at the local senior center (those seniors are tough and it's a tough workout!) I am also teaching swimming classes and bicycle whenever I can - mostly to do errands. Anyway, I tell you this because I'm doing all I can.....I just got an e-bike kit that I added to my bicycle and although some of you may feel this is cheating, let me tell you, I am loving it -as we live in a hilly area and now I finally can keep up with my dh or my teenage kids AND I am actually riding MORE now that I have it. I DO work out and my last trip was 71 miles and I'd guess this was the equivalent to about a 40 or 45 mile trip because I carried a heavy load and did pedal the whole time.. I always pedal, but get assistance up really big hills and have passed up a few macho men too!

I hope to have time to do some small trips in the next couple years. I've hosted others, but have never been hosted before and I
just hope that when I do, no one will be prejudiced against me. I love my e-bike and wanted to tell all of you to please not snub me or others like me when I do! Thanks for reading!

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Mary Kay
You go, girl! I have two friends who would not be touring at all if it were not for e-assist bikes. One has bad arthritis and was going to give up touring before he got an e-touring bike. The other friend was never interested in touring at all, then got an e-assist bike and now he's gone on his first tour. Whatever works, whatever keeps us sunny side up!

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That wouldn't be a problem

That wouldn't be a problem for us. Many decades ago there was no such thing as a "climbing" gear or "granny gear". Some may have seen the addition of those gears as "cheating" back then. If you feel you need that extra little boost, then go for it.

Of course I can see how some others may not view it the same way and ask themselves where to draw the line. Fully electric bikes? Electric motorcycles? It's a very personal thing and your E-Bike would not pose a problem for us.

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Thanks, folks. I was hoping

Thanks, folks. I was hoping for these kinds of replies!

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Great post!

Great post!
I've been positive to E-bikes for a long time for the things you stated above :)

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Yay! Thanks Fredrik!

Glad you agree!

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I am also an e-biker, I just

I am also an e-biker, I just love it !
I am going to ride the Viarhona with my ebike, 700 km in 7 days.

Without i purchase, i would not probably ride as often ( I ride 52 km go and back to work).

Enjoy your ebike !!

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Ride an e-bike more often

Yes, me too! I definitely ride more and get more exercise because I have an e-bike. 700 km in 7 days...Good for you!

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Yesterday I did 110 km, today

Yesterday I did 110 km, today 145 km.
I charge while lunch time about( 1h30)

The others days will be softer...

I definitely do me bike with my ebike....

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Good for you! You covered a

Good for you! You covered a lot of ground!