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Somebody in Trabzon, Turkey right now heading East?

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Somebody in Trabzon, Turkey right now heading East?

Hello everybody!

Is somebody in Trabzon right now, coming here soon or just left the town, maybe?

I arrived to Trabzon yesterday and I will continue going East on the cost to reach Georgia by Tuesday or Wednesday, from there continuing to Armenia, Iran, the Stans... Pamir Highway.

I left Vienna, Austria, alomst 3 months ago. I have been riding alone for most of the time and I enjoy it, but I would really like to have company for some time, especially because I think the upcoming countries could me more challenging in terms of mountain climbing... :)

Im not in a huge hurry, but I would like to try to take Pamir Highway, which means being in Dushanbe by the end of August is more or less my only timeframe. What else..? I like cooked breakfast (Porregde) and cooked dinner whenever possible. I dont like to be on the bike for more than 5 hours a day (net time) if I dont have to, so I do between 60 and 80km on average, but also 115km is possible. I want to keep the budget small, so mostly wild camping, warmshowers (in Turkey a lot of invitations of Turkish people), hotels just if really needed.

One important part of this travel is getting an idea of how the people live and think (about their country). So I like to get in contact with local people, try to learn at least a bit of the local language. This has been working out wonderfully so far and I would really enjoy to be able to do this in the future as well. However, having a cycling companian to talk to, share thought and ideas, instead of repeating the same answers to the same question ever day when meeting local people is something that I would also enjoy very much! :)

So in case somebody is around here and wants to meet up somewhere to see if we "fit" for cycling together I would be extremely happy!!
I still have a Turkish number for the next 5 days or so: 0090 - (0)553 6585337 or my Austrian number 0043 - (0)650 8155806.

This is very short notice but maybe somebody reads it and is interested in meeting! :)
Enjoy riding!